Pimp My Religion

Fad Boy

Bhajanist Russell Brand has a new fad religion tattoo in the form of a Sikh Khanda inscribed upon the back of his arm to go along with his trend setting kundalini chakras on the side.  Every photograph of Russell Brand outside of his yoga classes he is always eating or drinking something while talking to women.  Depending on who she is, the girl may even get a hug from Russell.  Mr. Brand is quite the consumer of yoga, iced coffee, and women.  The man also has a nice collection of religious tattoos. 

All my life I have been going to yoga classes to practice and learn about yoga.  All my life women in yoga classes have been acting as if I am in yoga class to socialize with women.  I never took a yoga class with the primary motivation of socialization.  And I never got a tattoo.  

russell brand hugging juliette lewis

Fad Religion

With all the publicity that Russell Brand gives to the fad religion of kundalini yoga it seems that kundalini would be more popular.  The problem is that kundalini yoga does not deliver the goods compared to other yoga classes where the teachers are more proactive.  Kundalini is all about the clothing and the cult of Yogi Bhajan’s personality.  Kundalini yoga is style yoga.

Cult of Personality

Would you want Russell Brand to tattoo your fad religion on to his body?  Would you want Tej Kaur to be the face of your trendy religion?  Tej Kaur needs some real yoga to make her frail body stand up tall.  The purpose of practicing yoga is to find God and the purpose of being a yoga teacher is to demonstrate God in me, as me through me.  Kundalini yoga is style yoga.  

screen shot

Just a Meme

Where are the real kundalini yoga teachers?  Kundalini yoga is fashion and style yoga. Kundalini is all about the meme.  

Bad Boy

Russell Brand could a lot for kundalini yoga if he were to help make kundalini yoga open to all men by being less of a womanizer.  When alpha males hang out drinking coffee and socializing with female yoga students, its sets a bad example.  If you over-socialize with women then women thing all men want to socialize or engage in emotional or even sexual intimacy with them.  

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.