Sikh Anti-Muslim Hate Speech

Sikh Religion Mispronounces Their Own Name to Augment Reality

Is it hate speech or racism for Sikh’s to distance themselves from Muslims in a provocative manner?  Public relations experts are constantly attempting to sway and alter your belief systems.  Reality engineers in the Sikh Religion are intentionally manipulating your perceptions by encouraging Americans to mispronounce the word Sikh.  The word Sikh is pronounced “sick” and not “seek”.  Two or more Sikhs gathered together are called “six”.  Is it hate speech for the Sikh religion to oppose the Islamic religion is a provocative manner?

sikh religion disrespecting islam

Sikhs do not like the connotation the true pronunciation of the word for the Sikh religion and so they are trying to portray themselves as the “Seek” religion.  What is the Sikh religion hiding? 

Put a Chip on Your Shoulder and Dare the World to Knock it Off

The Sikhs have built an ostentatious display of wealth in Punjab, India called the Golden Temple.  What other religion calls so much attention to itself by holding out a juicy temptation for the world?  It is as if the Sikh religion is saying: “Here is the fruit of our Sikh religion and we dare you to knock it off.”  The Inidan government did just that in 1984 when Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was assassinated by her traitorous Sikh bodyguards.

Yogi Bhajan Started a Bodyguard Business

Kundalini yoga synthesizer Yogi Bhajan started a bodyguard business because he needed a bodyguard.  Apparently Yogi Bhajan and a few select Gurus are the only men allowed a safe harbor in Kundalini yoga as synthesized by Yogi Bhajan.  The Sikh Kundalini religion is very adept at transforming reality in the physical world.  Yogi Bhajan encouraged Kundalini Sikhs to make money that is why they started Yogi Tea and other successful commercial ventures.  But they all still pronounce the word Sikh as “seek” and not “sick.”

Sikhs protest during a clash inside the Golden Temple on the 30th anniversary of a raid by Indian security forces that flushed out separatist militants holed up in the temple in 1984. REUTERS/Munish Sharma

And Justice for All

The purpose of this blog is to begin to bring the augmented reality Sikh religion into conformity with the laws of physical reality.  If we are going to prosecute New York film producer Harvey Weinstein for improper sexual conduct then why not clean house all the way?  Why not prosecute the Sikhs for intentionally causing mispronunciation of the word Sikh?  If we are going to tear down Civil War General statues then why not tear down Sikh violent child trafficking imagery?  And justice for all. 

kundalini weaponization

A girl wearing traditional Sikh attire during religious procession ahead gurpurab celebration of birth anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev ji in Jammu on Saturday.Tribune Photo:Inderjeet Singh

sikh anti-catholic hate speech