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Sikh Sick Sick | El Segundo Sicko

Did you know that the Sikh Mafia controls the price of chili dogs at your local 7-Eleven mini-market?  Ask the gas station clerk what his name is and odds are he will be a Sikh named Singh. Singh means lion in the Sikh language. The Sikh Mafia controls the gas station mini-market world by sheer volume of Sikh gas station clerks. Sikhs control gas station mini-markets in terms of graphical employee saturation. I have made myself Sikh Sick.

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I am positively Sikh Sick with graphic inspiration this morning. My Sikh Sickness has inspired a new style of graphics using tables in WordPress. The photogenic Sikh people are a gift from God to my heart. How do you like this new masonry style Sikh layout?

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sikh sick kaur girl

What Does Not Kill Me Makes Me Sikher

I am a Sikh Sick Seeker prowling the Internet for fascinating photographs of religious violence. The Sikhs are a gift from God directly to this blog. I am in love with the beautiful Sikh people of the world. Because of the Sikhs I feel connected to the entire planet.  I used to feel uneasy around Sikhs and Kundalini yoga teachers, but not anymore. Now that I understand some of the cultural aspects of the Sikh religion I understand where the war faces come from. Sikhs are born and raised in sword consciousness. Sikhs have bloody confrontation on their minds. Just look at the Sikh and Kundalini women’s faces at Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training. Fierce chicks. I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California where the women are all very fierce.

kaur girls

The Blog is Stronger Than the Sword

I’m just a skinny old man with heart attack scars and my shingles pain makes it too difficult for me to fight in the yoga studio with these crazy Kaur Girls. I use my blog instead of a big long sword. I don’t want anything from women so blogging is much safer for me. I kinda sorta used to like socializing with women but it is just to much emotional work dealing with women. Blogging is a perfect form of communication for a non-sword fighting, non-Sikh man like me. This blog is stronger than any Sikh sword! 

kaur bowing

Yoga West | Where is the Western Union?

I should be having social intercourse with the men and women of kundalini yoga instead of just blogging about them. This month I should be finishing up Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training, Level One, at Yoga West. I came to Guru Singh with $3,200 for kundalini eye-ball lessons and he attacked me during shavasana. Writing these blogs helps me process my unbelievable experiences at Yoga West. I practiced kundalini yoga twice a week at 7:00 a.m. with Dr. Pam Davis and Adarsh Kaur cancelled my monthly membership. The problem is Adarsh is trying to say there is something wrong with me. There is nothing wrong with me. Adarsh cannot criminalize my legal conduct. This blog is a response to the wrongful conduct of Adarsh Kaur as a representative of Kundalini Yoga as Taught by Yogi Bhajan and the Sikh Religion in America. I am calling you out on your refusal to honor my right to exist.

Divine Intervention | Free Yoga Books

I now see that Adarsh and Dya Kaur’s mean spirited ex-communication of me was actually divine intervention.  Adarsh refunded my $3,200 and I got to keep my books, including the Aquarian Teacher, for free. I ended up with two free KYTT classes and a free set of teacher training books. Now all I have to do is convince Adarsh (and myself) that I did nothing wrong. It is the combative and temple brawling Sikh religion that are the aggressors. The Sikhs drew first blood. These blogs are a response to Sikh Sick Temple Brawling. Sikh Temple Brawling was a gift from God to this blog!
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