Phallic Symbol

Sikh Symbols

Sikh people look just like you and me, sometimes a little bit better, sometimes a little bit sicker. This little Sikh girl is dressed to kill isn’t she? This sick little girl is taking place in a ceremony where adults bow to her and her Sikh sword because she is a Sikh princess. I bow to her because her advertising and marketing campaign are sick!  When she is in her everyday clothing she keeps her sword hidden inside her clothing. Sikh people are just like you and me. Sometimes they hide their swords and sometimes they do not.

mother child sikh sword

Make a Sikh Style American Trap

We learn to make a trap and cover it with grass, make it look good. We are a nation of fur trappers. We are like Daniel Boone an Davy Crockett in coon skin caps, setting our many different types of furry little traps.

Sikh Style

Wear eye make-up, unique head-gear and your Sikh sword, make yourself look really good. If anyone expresses an opposing opinion, play your little Sikh religion card. Make a trap out of your father’s belief system, wear special religious garments, make yourself look real good.

sikh sword man with eye make-up

Social Security

I love the gym because through the decades I have learned not to say one single little word to any female in the gym. Not even if the girl works there. Being emotionally unavailable for women makes my mornings nascent with possibilities.  Through the corners of my eyes, I check out the latina in bright red lipstick and heavy make-up in her sexy yoga lingerie pants. It’s five o’clock in the morning and she is dressed to kill. But it will not be me dying today. I am just a harmless sixty-one year-old heart attack survivor trying to get to sixty-two so I can file my social security retirement income claim form. 

Sikh Sword Mentality

Although I try not to admit it, the pain from my post-herpetic neuralgia is getting worse. I have all the normal problems of life and then I have to deal with LA women and their Sikh sword mentality.  I do not want anything from women; I don’t want sex and I have learned to not want to talk to women.  I do not want anything from yoga teachers. I do not wish to engage any woman who has Sikh sword mentality.

Angry at Religion | Married to God

Am I angry at women? No, I am not angry at women per se, I am angry at religion. I like women and I love women. I actually prefer women sexually. But women are really fucking difficult for a skinny freak like myself. I am married to God, alone by reality. Lately I have this overwhelming castration anxiety complex that women are going to attack me for breathing too loud in yoga class. The last time women complained about me breathing in Kundalini yoga class, the teacher cancelled the whole damn class! Seriously. Call the Equinox Gym on Rosecrans Boulevard in El Segundo and ask them why they cancelled Aimee Donahue’s Kundalini class and her Kriya yoga class.

Aimee Donahue’s two Sunday morning classes in 2010-11 were a major influence on my yoga practice, but it was a lot of work dealing with being in the female dominated yoga studio. When I am in a yoga studio all I want is yoga, not sex or violence. I still breathe loud when I practice yoga but now I am alone and naked and there is nobody to complain. I like practicing yoga by myself.  Extended Down Dog in the golden silence of blissful solitude. 


By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.