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Sikh Infighting During Religious Services

What is the 500 year old “Sikh” religion?  Is this from God or is this the ego of man running around in religious garments? Recent Sikh Temple Brawling in the Greenwood suburb of Indianapolis, Indiana, USA is Evidence of a Systemic, Continual and Ongoing Pattern of Intentionally Wrongful Conduct in the Worldwide Sikh Community.

Indira Ghandi was assassinated by her Sikh bodyguards in 1981. Sikh men and women are trained to be confrontational and warlike from a very young age. 

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sikh flag nishan shaibNishan Sahib | The emblem on the Sikh flag is also known as Khanda, which depicts a double-edged sword called a khanda (☬) in the centre, a chakkar which is circular, and flanked by two single-edged swords, or kirpans.


Sikh temple brawling is not an isolated incident of April 15, 2018 as Sikh leaders would like you to believe. Sikh’s fought each other with swords in the Golden Temple in Amritsar, India on June 14, 2014. Sikh’s have brawled  spectacularly at three different temples in New York.  The Sikh propensity for brutality has even influenced Kundalini Yoga as Taught by Yogi Bhajan at Yoga West in Los Angeles, California. Sikh temple brawling in LA occurs in the form of kundalini yoga studio brawling. Look at the security fences inside this Sikh service, I have been in many different houses of worship and never seen anything like the white security fences inside this Sikh temple:

sikh temple brawling
Sikh worship services require security guards and fences to maintain order inside the temple.

Sikh temple brawling can happen anywhere at anytime because the Sikhs are just natural born brawlers. Sikh’s even teach fighting to their women and children at annual festivals worldwide where they glorify religious sectarian warfare. 

sikh temple brawling sikh temple brawling

The Sikh religion is founded upon armed confrontation and so temple brawling comes naturally to the Sikh milieu. One of the five tenets of the Sikh religion is that men, women, and children must wear a kirpan at all times. A kirpan is a curved, ceremonial dagger. Sikh’s conduct ceremonies in which they chant and march as they re-enact historic Sikh military battles with their kirpans and swords. The brawling Sikh’s of Richmond Hill, New York demonstrate how they were taught to march in formation as little children, while chanting battle cries in the video below.

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Armenian’s Don’t Worship Swords

If you want to understand the Sikhs you have to begin with the atrocities of the Ottoman Empire. Sikhism was created five hundred years ago as an armed defense against the murdering and pillaging of the merciless Wild Turks. The Wild Turks are no longer a threat to the Sikh community. It is time for the Sikh religion to de-arm themselves. The Armenians were slaughtered by the millions by the Turks but the Armenians didn’t adopt a vengeful warlike sword worshiping religion. Armenia is the world’s first Christian Nation.

Swords Into Plowshares

The Sikhs and the Kundalini’s must surrender their kirpans to be melted down into plowshares. This “Sikhs-Against-The-World” attitude has infected the world of Kundalini yoga at Yoga West in Los Angeles, California. The Sikhs and Kundalini’s have been programmed for knife fighting and now they must somehow be de-programmed of their warlike lifestyles.

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ONE | Sikh Golden Temple Sword Fight | Amritsar, India


TWO | Sikh Temple Brawling Ldai New York Gurdwara Sikh Culture Society


THREE | Richmond Hill, New York


FOUR | Gurughar New York


FIVE | Greenwood, Indiana


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SIX | Yoga Studio Brawling | October 2017 | Yoga West, Los Angeles, California

During Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training, Guru Singh told the class to turn to the person next to you and say something totally unfiltered. I turned to the Sikh Kundalini yoga teacher next to me, Dya Kaur Libby Hudson Lydecker and said that the Shiva-Shakti union is one of the defining moments of my emerging sexual consciousness.  Ms. Lydecker inappropriately violated the confidentiality of my statement by telling Adarsh. For some reason Adarsh Kaur brought Sat Devbir Sing into the assault. I guess Sat Devbir was supposed to mostly just authorized my banishment by his mere male authority figure presence.  Adarsh made me leave KYTT at Yoga West. When I wrote blogs about these events, Adarsh cancelled my monthly membership to Yoga West. This was all done in a very combative and warlike manner, emblematic of Sikh in-fighting.