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CELEBRITY SIKHISM | Ready-to-Wear Religion

Sikhism Appears to Be a Religion that You Put On and Take Off Like a Turban

Is Skhism a flowing uniform and turban that you take on and off whenever you like?  Is Sikhism a shield to be used as a sword to punish anyone you do not like?  Do the tenets of Sikhism change with the lunar phases?  What lunar phase is Dya Kaur Libby Hudson Lydecker in and what name is she using today?  Is that Dya Kaur giving me that come hither look with her finger in her mouth or Libby Lydecker? Dya Kaur runs around the streets with her boobs in my face and then complains about my use of Shiva-Shakti imagery in sexual healing.  Paris is a tough town and Libby Lydecker is a tough little moon child.  Depending upon what lunar cycle she is in you never know what could happen.  

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This is the Sikh religious woman who disapproves of my sexuality?

Why is she teaching her daughter to run around a foreign country with her boobs hanging out?  It looks like the child is quite comfortable to be fully dressed.  Sometimes Sikh women do not model appropriate behavior.  Teenage women need to be taught that it is okay to be fully covered up in public.  Especially if you are far away from home.  Forget your hypocritical Sikh values and use some common sense.  What if you are the only Sikh that people meet today?  

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What the Bleep Do We Know 

When Denise Klein invited me to see “What the Bleep Do We Know” with a group from Milestones Ranch Malibu, I politely declined.  I thought “What the Bleep . . “ was just another foul-mouthed comedy from Hollywood.  I didn’t want to be the “example-of-sobriety” for a van-load of recovering alcoholics from a high-end Malibu rehab.  I had absolutely no idea that “What the Bleep Do We Know” was about quantum physics until after the theatrical run.  When I found out what the movie was really about, I bought the boxed Directors Cut 3 DVD set with extra footage and interviews with Joe Dispenza and others. 

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Evolve Your Brain

After watching the movie, reading the book, watching all the video interviews, logging onto the websites and seeing the stage play on Broadway, I was ready for some peace and quiet and so I moved to the desert to study quantum physics.  I just pulled up stakes in Malibu and drove my 34′ RV to the desert.  Stealthily parking in really nice Palm Springs neighborhoods near RV parks or other RV’s parked on the street, I bought monthly memberships to gay nude resorts and books on quantum mechanics.  By doing the exercises in “Evolve Your Brain” I rewired myself.  I made flash cards and gave motivational speeches in my head based upon what I was learning.

Rewire Your Body

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End With Pretty Snake – You build a trap, make it look real good

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By Dean McAdams

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