Simple Websites Created With SEO Content

Cheap WordPress Blog With Hosting: $300/first year, $150/per year thereafter, includes domain!

Do you want your name, service, or product to dominate page one of the organic search engine results? Then please consider having your basic website written by a litigation paralegal in Los Angeles, California. I have education and experience in law and media. My B.A. Degree is in Radio-TV-Film and I have been blogging in WordPress since 2008. I will build you a cheap WordPress Blog with Hosting included for the astoundingly low price of only $300 for the first year. After that, you can renew your hosting with me for only $150/per year.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for All Content Creation

Every word I create is done with search engine optimization in mind. I am a content creator, nobody uses a web designer for most websites anymore. These days, most simple website “design” is done by using WordPress templates and plug-ins. Some templates and plug-ins are free and some are paid. This site only uses free templates and plug-ins to give you an idea of what your $300.00 basic inexpensive WordPress Blog will look like. The theme you are looking at is the most basic free theme available and it is called 2021. The free plug-in is called Twentig.

How can I create and host a fast loading website for this amazingly low price?

Because I already pay an annual fee for what GoDaddy calls their “Ultimate Linux cPanel Managed WordPress Hosting.” I can host up to 50 additional WordPress blogs on my existing hosting plan. I only build really simple websites like this. What you see is what you get!

cheap wordpress blog with hosting seo content creation
Photo credit: KAL VISUALS/Unsplash
Includes SEO Content Creation of Home Page, Contact Form, Five Landing Pages & Five Blogs, Hosting and Domain

I am building the cost of your domain into your website because I will purchase your new domain from GoDaddy. I need your domain in my GoDaddy account to sub-host you on my hosting account.

Content Creation Is King!

Your new website will be search engine optimized for the niche that you wish to dominate. I will create a nice home page, contact form, five additional product/service pages and five blogs all for $300.00/per year. After the first year I will host your site for only $150.00/per year. You can pay me $25.00/per hour to teach you how to write your own blogs, change templates, add plug-ins and keep your site updated. Or you can pay me $50.00 per blog or new page to keep your site updated so that you will show up on page one of Google.

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Photo credit: KAL VISUALS/Unsplash