I Just Want To Move

All I Want to Do is Be Skinny Getting Skinnier

My new practice is to be skinny getting skinnier. All I want to do is get skinnier and skinnier. This week the cardiology nurse pointed out that I have lost 15 pounds. My weight is 142 pounds with my clothes on! This fact motivates me to go hungrier and hungrier for longer and longer periods of time. Even now I am writing this blog instead of eating.

My dinner of one can of low sodium Progresso New England Clam Chowder is in my stomach and I am still hungry. I am always hungry after all of my meals. I am even hungry after I eat my breakfast in the morning. All I want to do is be a yogi and meditate. Instead I have to write these blogs protecting myself from the likes of registered Megan’s Law gay child sex trafficker and fake youth league baseball uniform salesman John Herriot.

The only reason I write about Herriot is because he wrongly insists that there is a restraining order against me. Does this hyperbolic website look like the work of a restrained person? John Herriot is the reason people demonize homosexual men as pedophiles. Now gay pedophile sex offender John Herriot is learning the definition of “judgment proof.”

skinny getting skinnier eaten by cosmic rat

Esperanza is Forcing Me To Burn All Bridges At Woodside Village

Esperanza hung me out to dry. She is intentionally inflicting emotional distress upon me by making me look for $1,300 apartments that take third party payors. I don’t want to write all these rat brain blogs about Woodside but I really need to get out of here. Last Thursday Esperanza intentionally humiliated me by making me ask Vicky Baker at Woodside if I could stay at Woodside longer. Then Esperanza had the gall to complain that my apartment smelled but she couldn’t say what it was. She was really being rude and non-productive. She even denied my claim for eye glasses for both reading and driving and that is dangerous. What if I get in an accident because I am driving without corrective lenses? Nobody loves me except for Mercury Insurance and that’s only because Esperanza pays my insurance premiums. Bitch, knit me a sweater!

Skinny Getting Skinnier While Esperanza Refuses To Put It In Writing

Esperanza needs to do just shut up and do her job and get me the hell out of Woodside Village. Now I need to make sure that Woodside will not let me stay by writing these inflammatory blogs. Esperanza has ceased all meaningful communication because I refuse to take her voice calls. She just wants to complain and make fun of me on the phone. I need her to tell me what is going on with my relocation. In the meantime I just keep writing it all down in these blogs to process it. My life is judgement proof but I wonder if Woodside can sue Esperanza?

Skinnier And Skinnier

This is the skinniest I have ever been in my entire life. When I was a teenager women would constantly complain about me being skinny. I was extremely insecure and self-conscious about being skinny. Now I am glad to be skinny getting skinnier and skinnier. At least I have something skinny to blog about.