LIVING WITH MG | Rest is Relief

Sleep Relieves MG Symptoms

Learning to live with Mysasthenia Gravis means working around this neuromuscular disease. The symptoms of MG are relieved by sleep. When I wake up in the morning I feel great. As the day wears on I get tired easily and so the solution is to take a nap. Sleep is also good for my heart disease. I have had MG since 2017 and didn’t realize it because I thought it was just more pain from my post herpetic neuralgia. Now that I know what is wrong with me I am dealing with life much better.

Letting Go Of Fear

There is no longer anything for me to be afraid of. Now I live safely in a gated compound. The gatehouse has a 24 hour guard on duty seven days a week. There is nothing to be afraid of any longer. My cell phone will be turned off in a few days. Nobody will be able to call me with fake paralegal work. I am sick of writing blogs about LAPD Chief Doan and sex traffickers. I have changed my name to Keith and now it is time to work on changing myself.

Becoming A Sun

When dealing with the people around me I was inspired to become an Emissary of Divine Light last Sunday. The Emissaries are just one of many spiritual communities I have investigated. I don’t want to spend any money on David Karchere’s book and so I will get most of it for free on the internet. The title and promotional text alone are enough to inspire me.

Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence

The Emissaries taught me to identity my emotional triggers. Emotions either connect me to God or disconnect me from God. Learning emotional and spiritual intelligence is my new goal and I am redesigning my home page again to reflect this change.

Becoming A Christ

Joel Goldsmith teaches how to become a Christ but not tell anyone about it. The secret is to pray in secret. If you pray in public you will gain the praise of man and forfeit God’s grace. Christ Consciousness means to pray for your enemies. Once I finally broke through my infantile ego and prayed for my enemies my life changed. These days I am experiencing love for my enemies and my emotional life is changing.

becoming a christ