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Religion, Snakes, and Cigarettes

Snake Smoke Rising

In the mid-1990’s a Depak Chopra eight cassette tape set on higher and lower consciousness really took me far. It carried me through the early days of my tumultuous marriage that I was privileged to experience.  Yesterday while looking for good yoga websites to link my kundalini orgasm blog to, I came across Chopra’s website for his teacher training.  Everyone is offering teacher training.  Most of the important information you need to evolve your consciousness is already available on the Internet.  You can get free education and philosophy.  The crucial factor is what transformational experiences will you have today? In today’s fast paced world one must be able to distinguish the difference between authentic snake oil and fake snake oil.

snake oil salesman

A Snake Oil Salesman Is Always Intense

Cigarettes are a killer form of fake kundalini energy and so is coffee.  I am drinking coffee right now, but not smoking a cigarette.  I used to use cigarettes like some people use crack cocaine. I could never ruin a good nicotine high by smoking through a filter. I used to smoke Camel non-filters or roll my own.  If a filtered cigarette ever got near  my lips I would professionally remove the usurping filter from the precious nicotine narcotic product.

When I was a young practicing alcoholic and drug addict, Benny Valenzuela once laughed and said to me: “You must get so much higher and drunker than anyone else!”  Yes I do.  And more jacked up on 11% spiritual snake oil too buddy!


Yoga West

I erroneously assumed that Yoga West on Robertson Blvd. would be more of a hang out than it is. This rudimentary establishment closes during the middle of the day. I was expecting an exciting life from these people. Where are all the hipster tribal people who hang out blowing snake smoke?

Spiritual Health

If you want your enlightenment done right, sometimes you just have to do it yourself. Good thing I learned from my mediation teacher Joel S. Goldsmith that mystical union with God is not a team sport. Intimate communion with the creator is not even something you can share with your intimate partner. God is not a group experience because God is beyond words and thoughts. God has to be personal for me to get it.