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What’s Your Social Credit Rating?

The Social Credit Score Originated in China For Judgment Debtors and General Deadbeats

Did your negligent biological parents commit child abuse and lower your social credit score before you even had a chance to get started in life? Deadbeat dads lower the social credit rating of their offspring by abandoning them at birth. A child born and raised without his father present is a burden upon society. If you are a deadbeat dad you lower the social credit of your children, yourself and your community. The entire Universe suffers when you are an asshole.

jeffrey r cowan child abuse

Sins of the Fathers

If you are a lowlife then you pass your lack of character on to your son. Stop being a social burden upon our great country by creating broken kids. Be a responsible member of society and improve your community rating by taking responsibility for your actions. Employ a prophylactic device. Marry the girl. Do something that will improve your community credit rating and that of your children. Don’t spawn unwanted children or you will pay for the rest of their lives.

child abuse social credit score

Sociopathic Parents

How do you teach social skills to a child who has been deprived of an appropriate social model? The first thing you do is to teach the broken child that it is not his fault. The broken child was created by broken parents.

Broken GrandParents

The broken parent of the broken child was previously broken by his parents. Everyone is just really broken inside and their social credit sucks. What is the solution?

jeff & jarrad cowan goldhammer
The Solution is a Social Tax Penalty

To remedy this egregious inequity a social tax penalty should be levied upon all deadbeats with a low social credit score. Jeff Cowan should pay a social tax penalty for being a deadbeat dad to Jarrad Cowan. Even though the Los Angeles County District Attorney has already recovered a substantial sum for the delinquent child support of Jarrad Cowan, still more can be done. You the irate American taxpayer can help. It is time for you to take action. It is time to reward those who have a good social credit rating and tax social debtors who have social restraining orders taken out against against them.

Jeff Cowan Citizen Issued Restraining Order for child abuse
Tell Jeff Cowan, CPA to Pay His Social Tax Debt

You need to get up out of your complacency and take some action before this entire country is bankrupted by deadbeat dads such as Jeff Cowan. This November you should go to his fake Veteran’s Day Party that he throws every year in self-honor of his own birthday. Tell Jeff to pay society what he owes for producing a defective child. And tell Jeff Cowan to stop disrespecting American Veterans while you are at his nude gay sex party!

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