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Sophisticated Body

One reason for practicing yoga is to become more refined and sophisticated in body, mind and soul. Kundalini yoga is also making me more emotionally sophisticated. By obtaining inner emotional gratification through chanting and meditating, there is less need for obtaining emotional gratification from talking too much. Talking about the first thought that enters my mind displays a sublime lack of emotional sophistication.  



I’m starting to edit my personal conversations just like I edit my writing. Which means I talk a lot less. I’m letting silence be my new gift to my immediate community. In an effort to refine my pitch I have even been taking online acting lessons. To be a great actor the most important thing to do is listen. I am working on refining my listening skills and it is paying off.

Refined listening

Making Money by Listening

Last night in the supermarket checkout when the clerk reminded me that I am paying $.05 in CA CRV for every 16 oz. bottle of water I buy, I actually heard him. The sales clerk was giving me valuable financial information that I am already using to refine my workout by purchasing my water by the gallon.

Refinement by PBS

One evening when I was a college freshman doing homework with the MacNeill/Lehrer Report playing in the background I decided right then and there that I was going to begin speaking like people on PBS. I was starting to meet older students that were much more refined and sophisticated than I was and I had to take remedial action to catch up with them.

Yogi Books

Yogi Bhajan is as big an influence on me as as Kundalini class right now. His books and teachings are actively engaging my body, mind and soul to become more refined and sophisticated. I stopped wearing my ridiculous white Kundalini religious so much and started working on my inside uniform.
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