I Rented One Room For Thirty Days in Twentynine Palms

Mind Body & Soul Transformation in the Hot California Desert . . .

This soul transformation website and blog has spiritually found its way to you. My subjective tantric truth works for me and probably nobody else. My own spiritual and meditative truth that I arrived at on my own, in the desert.  Alone in the middle of nowhere. Listening closely to the thundering silence of the eternal now.  I left Palm Springs and rented a room for thirty days in Twentynine Palms. 

soul transformation

My partner presented problematic postulations perpetually peppering my penile brain and so I left  our condo in Palm Springs for a soul break.  My soul was catching a cold and so I got on Craigslist Palm Springs.  I found a large room to rent on Cactus Drive for $360.00 per month.  That included everything except my Internet and for that I had to pay a hefty installation fee to Time-Warner. It was worth it. I have gone totally native out here with the Joshua Trees.  I will be much better prepared to re-enter the country club condo life in the suburban paradise of Golf Club Drive. 

Mind, Body, Soul Transformation

My partner was so impressed she is treating me much better now.  Absence makes the heart grow fonder. The greatest seduction technique is to disappear for a few days. The secret of seduction is no seduction. She even gave me my own credit card to make up for her bad behavior. I am the Consciousness Concierge.  I make things happen in the desert out of pure consciousness.  I had a very productive day of taking photos and creating this website. I mean I basically totally created this website today.  The only category I had this morning was consciousness.  Now I have form and union.  Consciousness, form, union. Mind, body, soul transformation.  I am the proverbial middle class prostitute so that I can pursue a life of meditation and spiritual study and writing. I also write about alternative pansexuality on another website. 

Consciousness, Form, Union 

It is 5:15 p.m. and the desert summer sun is still too blazing hot to go out in for very long. In about an hour I will go back out and take more photographs for this soul transformation blog.  I am really getting off on my formula for transformation: Consciousness, Form, Union. I am transmuting my sexual energy into this article instead of ejaculation. Yesterday I got my partner off on what she wanted sexually and then declined her polite offer of giving me what I like best sexually.  Instead of getting off sexually yesterday I did a lot of work on this website. Mantak Chia talks about this in his very important work on White Tantra. White Tantra means sexual ecstasy without ejaculation.  

Body Soul Gray Beard Soul Transformation

I have transformed my body by shaving off my gray beard and hair.  I did it at my new partner’s request.  He said I looked like a homeless bum on the streets.  I am very glad I shaved off that gray scruff.  I look and feel twenty years younger. I have started doing yoga and walking again after my heart attack seven months ago in the Philadelphia Winter of 2014-15.  Thank God for the Coachella Valley Desert and all of Southern California. 

soul work

Soul Work is the Only Work Worth Doing 

Heart Attack and Soul Transformation

Next up I want to start blogging about my near death experiences and heart attack.  My heart attack and near death experiences have taught me to live life to the fullest.