Some Alien Life Forms May Be Able to Travel Via Pure Consciousness

Aliens Will Be Peaceful Because They Will Just Have To Be

Aliens will need to be peaceful because the distances required to travel are so great they will need to be in some form akin to pure consciousness, digital or optical data, or artificial intelligence and therefor will not have material bodies or physical weapons. Any life form that can travel at the speed of light may be so pure that our war and disease infested planet Earth will be too toxic for them to stop here and manifest into a form that humans can perceive. Perhaps life forms from distant galaxies have already looked us over and shed a tear of sorrow because contact with planet Earth would be too harmful to their cosmic purity.

Program Children With Peace & Meditation, Not Violence

The center of our own Milky Way galaxy is 400 million light years away and so scientists generally agree that is the least distance we would need to travel before we even begin to think about intelligent life in outer space. That means that even if man could travel at the speed of light he would need a life span of at least 400 million years. In my opinion this means that our best chance of travelling to galaxies other than our own is by pure consciousness. If we want to meditate our way to a galaxy far from our own then we need to teach our children meditation instead of violence.

aliens will be peaceful

No Room For Weapons

Aliens will be peaceful because for them to travel to Earth by pure consciousness they won’t be able to take any weapons with them. Any aliens who can travel all the way to Earth will probably be peaceful because they will have purged primitive violence from their very consciousness and way of life.

In a worse case scenario the visiting aliens could be computer malware, hostile artificial intelligence or digital drones programmed by war-mongering biological puppet masters much like ourselves controlling their attack from a billion light years away. Even if aliens from another galaxy beam themselves to Earth in the form of harmful digital data they still will not be able to bring real guns with them. Evil alien consciousness from outer space would need to hack and hijack our primitive Earth weapons and turn them on us. Harmful space invaders could come as powerful optical artificial intelligence that is millennia beyond our current technology, bad or good intent.

Not Much Spare Energy In Space Travel Available For Violence

Currently man is too violent to get it together enough to meditate 400 million light years away. Likewise with the aliens. Warlike creatures spend all of their time making war. That is what man does. Man spends all of his time trash talking and hating his neighbor. Man thinks that everybody else has it better off than he does. So man tries to take it from the next person instead of creating his own blog to the stars.

The Study of Human History is the Study of War

Lately I have been watching Russian history on YouTube. Using a cable from my laptop to HDMI 2 on a big bright flat history comes alive. I am like Stephen King’s Lawnmower Man stunned by his realization at how violent man is while studying human history. The history of Russia is the history of war. The history of man is the history of war.

Man will never be able to travel 400 million light years because man puts all of his time and energy into war. The sooner man loses his dependence upon war, the sooner man will be able to travel 400 million light years by utilizing his pure consciousness.