RE-BIRTHING THE PERSONA: Speech Pattern Transformation

Speech Pattern Transformation System
Speech Pattern Transformation – Change Your Words Change Your Life

Do You Still Talk With the Same Consciousness That Your Birth Parents Taught You?






Speech Pattern Transformation


Do you still imitate the patterns of your parents voice? I do. Driving and listening to the speech patterns of my voice inside my own head, I can hear my father’s decades old mid-westerner vocal patterns. I learned speech and rhetoric from my father. His school teacher speech patterns are still in use by me to this day. I have changed so much in my life why shouldn’t I update my verbal skills?  I am updating my writing skills by writing these articles on consciousness transformation. I will now update my persona with self-taught speech pattern transformation.


Forced Speech Pattern Transformation


A doctor once wrote in a confidential workers compensation case psychiatric medical evaluation of me that my voice was brittle and broken. That was twenty years ago and I have come a long long way since then. Thank you to that doctor whoever and wherever he is. The doctors at Kaiser-Permanente are particularly tough love on alcoholism patients.

When I finally made it to Malibu in 2004 was finally able to recover from my disease. I found Denise Klein, Milestones, and Primetime AA in Malibu 2004. I say myself as a nervous wreck and I uncovered the clinical causes of my anxiety and depression. I let God show me what was wrong and I let God heal it. Change your mind, change your life. Change your voice, improve the change. Changing our voice is a finishing touch to recovery and healing. 


Speech Patterning While Driving


Driving across the mesmerizingly beautiful Coachella Valley Desert this morning I began the process of speech pattern transformation. I want to speak and talk differently. I want to be softer and more attentive. I want to not speak over my partner’s words when he is telling me that he is taking me shopping to buy me a new wallet for the credit card he is giving me and taking me to Coco’s for lunch.


What Are Speech Patterns from the Free Dictionary:


Accent … thick as porridge —W. P. Kinsella
Diction … each word distinct and unslurred, as if he were a linguistics professor moderating a panel discussion on the future of the language —T. Coraghessan Boyle
Dragging his words along like reluctant dogs on a string —Edith Wharton
Had spoken the lines without expression, running them past, uninspired, one behind the other like passing freight cars —William Brammer
He [Edmund Wilson] spoke in a curiously strangled voice, with gaps between his sentences, as if ideas jostled and thrashed about inside him, getting in one another’s way as they struggled to emerge, which made for short bursts —Isaiah Berlin, New York Times Book Review, April 12, 1987
His facile elocution … which had so long charmed them, was now treated like warm gruel made to put cowards to sleep —Émile Zola
Mouthing the words and nodding to himself like an actor memorizing his lines —Donald Seaman
Repeated slowly, as if he were sounding out syllables in a book —Jonathan Valin
Speaking [in a heavy tone] … as if he were dropping words like molten lead —G. K. Chesterton
Speak like a death’s head —William Shakespeare
Speak … like a telegram —Dashiell Hammett
Spitting the word from her mouth … as if it were a poisonous seed —Flannery O’Connor
Spoke clearly, but in a low and hesitant voice, as if he were translating from Spanish as he went along —Norman Mailer
Spoke like a radio program —Ludwig Bemelmans
Spoke more slowly than ever before and with difficulty, like someone who fears a stammer —Dan Jacobson
Spoke slowly, with a kind of uniformity of emphasis that made his words stand out like the raised type for the blind —Edith Wharton
Talked flowingly like a medium —Anaïs Nin
Talked with commas, like a heavy novel —Raymond Chandler
(He had developed an unfortunate habit of) talking like a Chinese fortune cookie —John Cheever
(Tendency to) talk like a Sten gun —George F. Will about Hubert Humphrey
Used the English language with dictionary precision … almost as if it were a foreign tongue he had learned perfectly —Lael Tucker Wertenbaker
Use her words cautiously, like weapons that might slip and inflict a wound —Edith Wharton
Words … dragging out like words in an anthem —G. K. Chesterton
Words, each distinct and separate, like multicolored marbles —Francis King
Words leaped out of his mouth like machine-gun bullets —Frank Conroy
Words were being mouthed like signal flags —Norman Mailer


Speech Pattern Transformation

is an Actor’s Tool


My formal self-study on speech pattern transformation began thirty years ago when I read Jack Valenti’s, Change Your Voice, Change Your Life. That book not only seems to be out of print it seems to be out of existence. 

I have also checked a video out of the Los Angeles Public Library on speech patterns. The video illustrated beautifully the technique of speaking as if your voice is going over a ski jump. Try it. It works great. Call me. I will demonstrate speech pattern transformation for you in person. This is what I want to to: transform your life by transforming the little patterns.  Full pattern transformation. 


I have been doing a lot of leather master role playing lately and so my consciousness was primed for speech pattern transformation during my drive from the high desert of Twentynine Palms down to Palm Springs. The clean landscape of the desert cleans my consciousness for transformation and transcendence. I leave the mental clutter of my daily life and retreat into the dynamic solitude of driving in the desert in silence. My new used car has a great sound system with a built in sub-woofer in the trunk, but I have never used the CD or radio at all because I drive in silence. 


Speech Pattern Transformation

Occurs in Silence


All the important things in life happen in silence, especially speech pattern transformation. How am I going to know what I sound like unless I shut up? I hear the sound of my voice and words through out the years and I think I should just shut up with words. I will write it all down here were I can be more objective. Becoming a better writer is making me become a better speaker. 

Rhetoric is very important to the type of persuasive writing that I do for my day job. I am a paralegal and legal writing is called persuasive writing. When I was a college student my speech and thinking was heavily influenced by the McNeil-Leherer News Hour on PBS. I remember thinking: Those men sound so intelligent, I want to talk like that.  

My vocabulary and diction were also heavily influenced by my then best-friend Jon Weindorf. I met Jon in film school and my acerbic dark humor was greatly influenced by Jon. Jon was a few years older than me and that is a big deal when you are a nineteen year-old film student like I was. You are who you hang out with.