Spirit of Life

Spirit Is Reality

Spirit is more important than sex.  Holy Spirit Breath I give to you now as the Body of Christ.  Wilhelm Reich taught that breath was the source.  Becoming a sacred intimate trained by Joseph Kramer in Sexological Bodywork involves tantric breathing.  Breath is Spirit.  My breath is teaching me to think for myself. What is your breath teaching you?  Learning to properly breath is not something we are taught in this culture. When I was young I learned to hold my breath and walk on eggshells.  Now I walk around the desert naked. My fifty-nine year old body looks good and the eighty year-olds get off on it.  I take donations to finance this website. 

Healing Spirit Breath

All roads lead to God consciousness.  Pure baseline consciousness basking in the warm glow of its own luminosity.  The Body of Christ is teaching me to think for myself.  Living a life of prayer and contemplation in the desert wilderness via the luxury of a three bedroom villa with a private backyard and a really nice kitchen you could shoot a cooking show in.

Kitchen Spirit

Having a huge kitchen with up-to-date modern appliances is beneficial to the spiritual life.  A real yogi must be able to see the mountain top while he is preparing the dishes for the dishwasher.  This villa is designed around the kitchen.  On the three days a month the landlord is here he watches the food channel on the hugh thirty year old big screen tube TV.  TV is not big in our villa. Gay sex and nudity are. Food is absolutely necessary for the spiritual life.  I suggest gluten free, raw as much as possible.

Spiritual Life

The life of the spirit is much more important than the life of the genitalia. Having good clean sexual communion with your lover is absolutely necessary for your human development.  However your relationship with your own private spiritual world will serve you much better in the long run than will a nice three-year love affair.  Have the lover affair with someone you meet at a Eucharistic Celebration or your local neighborhood Protestant Church.  

White Mass

This blog is for all of the pure people who are living through their idiosyncratic relationship with their own personal God of choice.  God came into my living room on the 4th of July and sat down in one of the big red chairs.  A miniature child Satan was using his smartphone to interrupt God.  That little kid is gone now and only the Spirit of God remains.  Thank God for God. 

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.