Bird’s Eye View of My World


This morning my spiritual awareness level reached a new high as spirit connected to my psychosomatic awareness. I had a sick urge to buy a pack of Camel Lights. While doing my yoga sun salutation asanas the Holy Spirit told me to go to Whole Foods and buy a $5.00 shot of refrigerated probiotics instead of the cigarettes. God told me to go super healthy instead of super deadly.

Cigarette Awareness Level

I hadn’t smoked a cigarette in seven years and over the 4th of July Weekend 2016 I smoked a whole pack. The 4th of July is my father’s birthday and he died from smoking cigarettes. I had a near fatal heart attack a year ago. Yesterday I felt like smoking but this morning the Holy Spirit directed me to put healthy life giving nutrients into my body instead.

social awareness level

Social Awareness

For the past few years my life was missing the necessary component of female socialization. So called gay life gets monotonous with all men all the time.  Now I eat lunch with women my age and older.  It is enlightening to feel the difference in social awareness level between men and women. Women are socializers. I like being around women because I find their social energy to be healing. And it is.

spiritual awareness levelMorning Awareness Level

I spend my mornings walking in the five a.m. sprinkler mist meditating and receiving the Holy Spirit. I try hard to avoid talking to the dog owners as they drift in with the rising sun. I try to avoid talking to aggressive people with tattoos early in the mornings these days and it feels like a good new fit on me. I realized I have spent my life experiencing the divine, contemplating spiritual texts and even practicing formal religions. My awareness level is spiritually guided to discern and divine.

cosmic awarenessWhat is Your Awareness Level?

Increasing your awareness level is a lifelong task. My practice is to avoid technology, information and even socializing in the very early morning. Meditate or contemplate nature instead of jacking into the loud distracting bells and whistles of our digital dream world. The golden silence of blissful solitude is my awareness, teacher and solace.