Spiritual Emotion

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Spiritual Emotion

Emotions Are Faster Communicators Than Words

Dealing with the realm of the spiritual emotion you don’t have to deal with the complexities of words. You do not need to be articulate with words to feel the warmth and love of your emotions. ┬áMuch of the really good parts of God and spirituality are not really expressible with words. Spirituality is often easier to express in some kind of emotional format such as gratitude or forgiveness. Emotions are much easier to work with than words. Emotions are more spiritual than words.

Spiritual Emotional Liberation

Freedom is a deep, fundamental, and even primal need. We need freedom to go naked and be bound by restrictions. I need the freedom to be in my body and to experience my own happiness. I need the freedom to be myself. However life comes with restrictions and we all need to find our way to freedom. Emotional liberation means learning to use our emotional equipment to create safety and confidence in order to know and love yourself completely. Liberation is to live free and safe to express spiritual emotion.

Emotions heal trauma and induced dysfunction by acting as perfect messengers telling where our own trauma is. By learning to adapt and transform our instinctual emotions into refined energy systems. It is possible for me to become a spiritual emotional entity overflowing with love energy touching the hearts of people, feeling their feeling and filling their emptiness. I will act great and my flow will fulfil the gratefulness in the hearts of others.

To act without emotional awareness is to be a reactive animal roaming the jungle. I see now how I often am so unaware and unconscious that I speak unconsciously. I sometimes speak in an emotional unconscious voice. Thank God I have recently been able to recognize this in myself. I am much more mindful when I speak these days .