WHOLENESS & COMPLETENESS: Spiritual, Emotional and Mental Health

Spiritual Emotional Health

Spiritual emotional health is just as important as physical mental health. As the days in front of me become less than the days behind me my emotional and spiritual health will continue to increase as my physical health completes its inevitable decline into decay and death. Already at age sixty I can feel my memory and mental agility fading, especially in the evening hours.The good news is that in order to compensate I spend my time treating my spiritual condition with meditation. My bliss in life is to be outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine of Palm Springs treating my emotional health with vinyasa yoga flowing into stillness. 

My saving grace in my rock and roll life was that I began my spiritual journey when I was very young. Growing up with the Catholic Church as my first spiritual frame of reference was a good thing for me. When I was seventeen I was introduced to evangelical Christianity by fellow students at CSUN and then a cocaine dealer turned me on to Zen Buddhism. Trekking through Thailand and Cambodia produced satori, samadhi and enlightenment.

One morning at dawn I was on the proverbial mountain top of Angkor Wat. A young worker was getting the temple ready for another business day and taking the protective covers off of the coin-operated tourist telescopes. I asked him if he wanted to become a monk here at the temple. He looked me up and down, pointed down at the vendors setting up their stalls for the day and said: “No I want to start a business selling T-shirts to guys like you.”   

Kundalini Job Description for EMOTION emotional spiritual

1.  RECEIVE information
2.  SEND information
3.  ENERGIZE information

Which emotion are you using to transmit your concern, love or anger? 

If you try to understand emotions as the way your own loving soul speaks to you, this one ideal can radically change everything in your life.

Years ago on public access cable TV a Science of Mind Minister named David Walker explained to me that spirituality is different from religion. Learning that my mind and my thinking are spiritual changed my way of living and breathing. My physical and mental health were all greatly improved when this new spiritual emotional health became part of my daily routine. The purpose of this website is to expose you to the practice of scientific spiritual mind treatment for your minor discomforts and serious maladies. Meditation and vinyasa flow yoga are my over-the-counter psychiatric medications.

You don’t have to go to church to find spiritual emotional health. You don’t have to do anything to be spiritual. Being spiritual is becoming the person you are supposed to be. There is no good and evil. What we label “evil” is just a lower vibration. The day needs the night in order to be the day. Spirituality is going all the way through my dark side. There is no good or evil there are results, consequences and the feelings you experience. Experience is real, good and evil are made up words. 



All the great sages teach that your answers come from within. When the Christ teacher said the kingdom of heaven is within he was speaking metaphorically of divine consciousness. Christ consciousness means to think like a person who prays and meditates a lot. You can pray the words that the Christed one used in the Bible books or you can alter or make up your own spiritual intentions. If your mind is clean and pure, your answers will naturally occur as the result of a quiet, unfettered mind. Fertilize your mind with quietude and your garden of intuition will grow. You can visualize yourself in a movie with angels or a movie with vampires. The movies you watch and the people you watch them with are a mirror of your life. You can create the life you want by creating what movie you watch in your head and carefully selecting who you watch it with. Maybe you will even find someone spiritual enough to watch the movie naked with. 

Naturism is Spiritual Emotional Health

Naturism says: Let’s watch the movie of life naked so that everything we experience is pure and real. The practice of naturism helps to clean and clear the body, mind & soul for the meditative state. The philosopher William Blake said that when the doors of perception are cleansed, everything appears as it is, infinite. When the body, mind & soul are cleansed by naked purity, everything appears as it is, mystical union in action. I go naked because it feels pure and not for any overt sexual reasons. If you are pure you will be in pure consciousness. These days I question every part of who I think I am and so going naked helps me to see who I really am.

My nude body, mind & soul both set the vibrational tone of the universe and simultaneously vibrate in resonance with the cosmic thrum of the space time continuum. The moon and the stars don’t wear clothes and so I don’t either.


Conscious Control of Your Own Spiritual Emotional Health

spiritual emotional healthLeave the fake world behind and come out to the desert with the other intuitive naked souls flowing into pure conscious energy. Practice nude kundalini yoga and flow into meditative mind. The goal is to be in a constant state of intuitive meditative mind. Nude kundalini yoga & chakra meditation integrate physical, mental, sexual, and emotional spiritual health.

The majority of our suffering is generated inside of ourselves. Sometimes our problems are created by other people as the result of their own inner torment. We can control our inner environments as efficiently as we now control external environments in outer space and on the moon. When I understand the nature of my torment I can then exert conscious control over these elements. You can’t stop the flow of emotions for long because that would be bad for you. Repressing your feelings makes you numb to the things you don’t like and the the things you like. Learn how to work with your feelings to become emotionally intelligent. 

We look back on history and say, “People lived in really primitive dwellings a hundred years ago compared to how we live today.” In the near future people will look back at us and say: “They lived really primitive emotional spiritual lives fifty years ago compared to how we live today.” 

conscious transformation

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in Tujunga, CA, Dean mastered secrets of the ancient grifters in order to elevate himself.