Spiritual Vibration Field

God’s Perfect Healing

Are you ready to accept God’s perfect healing right now or do you just want someone to feel sorry for you? Are you ready for enlightenment or do you want someone to feel anything for you? Love, hate, fear, and rejection were all too much for me so I had to just drop the rock and surrender to the first God that came along. Tune into the spiritual energy vibrating all around you.

spiritual vibration perceptionRelease Material Attachment for Spiritual Perception

Releasing all attachment to other people is a huge step in spiritual healing and a return to baseline consciousness.

Earlier this year I started looking at my infantile need for regular intimate human emotional and physical intimacy. I can get the same emotional and even physical gratification of my needs from my spiritual practice of energy transmutation.  I don’t even know exactly what I need so I simply surrender at the deepest level possible. Surrender and surround myself with the Holy Spirit. What starts out as spiritual intuition evolves into direct experience. What takes effort becomes effortless.

Practicing meditation becomes a natural activity that you look forward to. Mediation becomes necessary for my immediate and constant healing from my eccentric thinking.

Turning off Pop Culture

Turning off the TV and constant popular culture programming is crucial to developing perception of spiritual energy. Practicing meditation out in nature is a good way to develop spiritual perception. It sounds radical however there is much more interesting spiritual communication in the air than you can imagine. Develop the spiritual skills to tune into eternal culture instead of pop culture. 

The Cosmic Body of Christ 

body of christIt took me a lifetime to finally get the practice of the Body of Christ. When the Catholic Church started listing LGBT resources in the bulletin my heart opened up. When the Pope apologized to gays my head opened up.

My Christ Consciousness meditation was overwhelmed by the Holy Spirit communicating to me. Spirit has been telling me to eat yogurt probiotics and not smoke cigarettes or go to gay bathhouses. The only blasphemy in to speak against the Holy Spirit. The spirit is perfecting my self identity as the Body of Christ.


The practice of the tripartite God is the spiritual domain of mystics and saints. Catholicism is mysticism. Catholicism can be dispensed as Sunday School Catechism or the golden solitude and blissful silence of oneness with God.  My experience with diverse meditation techniques learned practicing American New Thought, Zen and kundalini yoga prepared my consciousness for my new experience of oneness with the Christ mind.

cosmic healing homosexual energy fieldSpiritual Energy Vibration

Thirty years ago I began feeling spiritual energy as a vibrational humm. I was feeling guru OM in a Protestant seminary in Eagle Rock. I have investigated more different churches than any person I know.  Eastern, Western, Protestant, Buddhist and other esoteric pursuits. Now here I sit on Saturday evening loving in the flow of healing spiritual energy vibration. I used to want and need the same connection with other people that I now receive from God. Amen. 


By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in Tujunga, CA, Dean mastered secrets of the ancient grifters in order to elevate himself.