The Spiritual Practice of Intentional Celibacy

Monday morning in gay Palm Springs and another new beginning in my life. A new chapter of intentional celibacy and emotional growth. My gift to the world is to re-parent myself and my relationships. My only father is God and love.

A recently invented happy and well grounded childhood taught me to regulate my emotions to fully embody and develop all of the character traits that God created in me. The very act of writing this article on pansexuality, intentional celibacy and emotional growth is my public emotional therapy and healing. By healing myself and my family, I am able to go out and heal the world. Emotional intelligence and hygiene can be developed and refined to enrich your human experience.

Celibacy is Healthy

Temporary intentional celibacy can be very emotionally rewarding. Refraining from sex allows me to step back and take an honest look at myself. My energy is recharged and replenished by these breaks from engaging in promiscuous commercial Palm Springs homosexuality.

Celibacy Begins in Stages

Suddenly I feel like a frog waking up in a pan of boiling water. I have been getting used to hotter and hotter water and now the heat is killing me. The thought of a typical gay sex & sleaze bar like the Barracks in Cathedral City nauseates me. The fact that gay physicians got me to try water sports, shaving, S&M, leather, scat, and other homoerotic fetish ritual sex play makes me glad I did it but really glad to put closure on all of that. Gay nudist organizations and desperate broken men with repulsive bodies seem like a shameful embarrassment to me now. I am jumping out of the pan of boiling water into the spiritual bliss of Vedic religion.

Celibacy Creates Inspiration

My new intentional celibacy is fueling this mornings blog. Maybe I am not totally celibate me thinks. I am not actively posting and responding online. I have two regular bisexual men that come over once in a while. My relationship with this blog is growing and evolving. I am creating product and bringing this blog back to life. Ask yourself a question, why are you reading this? Who are you?

I am going to creatively evolve right here right now in this fifty-nine year old body. Love and happiness are mine. Money and stuff just comes to me because it loves me in $100,000 chunks from real property, partners, inheritance and other love. Celibacy now, discretionary love tomorrow. Heaven is right here right now in the paradise of Palm Springs. You might have to leave Los Angeles to retire but you don’t have to leave California.¬†

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By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.