TREATMENT FOR ALCOHOLISM: Spiritual Principle Application Meeting

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Try A Spiritual Principle Application Meeting

The most effective and healing AA meetings teach spiritual principle application for practical use in daily life. The only real method of recovery from alcoholism is spiritual. An effective 12 Step meeting uses techniques such as meditation for the treatment of addiction. Meditation combined with genuine self-honesty provides real healing of various emotional & mental disorders such as alcoholism, drug addiction and gambling. Very few 12 Step or AA meetings actually provide this valuable spiritual recovery resource to the community.

Most AA meetings are dominated by charismatic personalities who deliver entertaining drinking histories as the main course and then briefly pay lip service to AA as a token fluffy dessert dish. Swapping clever drinking stories is never going to get anyone sober, I know this because I tried it myself for decades. For too many years I incorrectly made AA my social resource instead of my spiritual resource.

After decades of trying, I was fortunate to finally get sober in the Malibu recovery community where I heard the Bob Anderson Primetime AA message from big Tom H. The first thing Tom asked me when I met him was: “Do you know what AA is?” Yes I replied: “AA is a spiritual program.”  

The purpose of attending an AA meeting is to find God and learn spiritual practice as a way of life. Even for me right now with twelve blessed years of quality recovery, my only job is to maintain communion with God consciousness. The purpose of this article is to open your mind to 12 Step meetings as a mental health resource to learn how to quiet the mind and develop your spiritual intuition.


BEYOND PRIMETIME: Spiritual Principle Application in Los Angeles

One of the most informative and healing 12 Step meetings in LA is Principles in Application, Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon. This meeting has recently moved from The Spot in Culver City, to the West Side Hope Center, 11321 Washington Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90066. The meeting begins with a twenty minute silent meditation, followed by a fifteen minute speaker, then participation open to anyone practicing the 12 Steps as a way of day-to-day spiritual living. 

Meditating at an AA meeting is the application of spiritual principle in my everyday recovery life. By regularly attending a meditation meeting, the practice of meditation becomes ingrained into my being. At first meditation requires patience and discipline. After years of practice meditation becomes a sought after solace, just like altering with other activities was. My character transforms from a nervous wreck into a calm and balanced observer. It takes years to become a screwed-up alcoholic and it takes a minimum of seven years to discern any real results from meditation.



It states in the AA literature that my answers will come through intuition. This means that my recovery from alcoholism is not to be found at meetings or in sponsors, texts, free websites on the Internet, or anything external to my own consciousness. Nobody out there has anything for me. Even the lover who makes me feel so good has absolutely nothing for me. There is no other, only a reflection of the love I bring to the table staring back at me.

If I learn spiritual principle application then I will develop my intuition skills and the quality of my consciousness. If I rely upon my intuition developed through meditation to guide me into universal consciousness then I will have all the answers I need.

Intuition and visualization are fundamental to spiritual principle practice. My kundalini yoga teachers stress the importance of visualizing energy while meditating up the chakras. I visualize healing energy rotating up my spine, through my chakras, uniting in my brain with pure consciousness. Intuition and visualization give power to prayer and meditation. Spiritual giant Rudolph Steiner taught that Christ consciousness is found through inspiration, imagination and intuition. Visualize your personal spiritual principle application during regular meditation learned at AA meditation meetings.