Spiritual Treatment of Alcohol Related Mental Illness

PRIMETIME A.A. NO LONGER EXISTS: In Primetime there are no drinking histories or war stories, only spiritual treatment of alcoholism by practicing A.A.’s 12 Steps.

One of the most transformational events of my life was attending two to three meetings a week of Primetime AA for two and a half years while practicing spiritual treatment of my alcoholism. Have you been to your local neighborhood Alcoholics Anonymous meeting and found yourself wanting something more for your problem drinking? I went to AA for years before K.C. Pierson of Primetime AA explained the practice of the 12 Steps to me at The Spirit of Studio 12 in North Hollywood, California.

The purpose of attending an AA meeting is to find God. The reason to stay at an AA meeting is to practice the application of spiritual principles in order to become the very embodiment of God consciousness. Spiritual treatment for the disease of alcoholism can be found at only a few Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and most of them are Primetime AA meetings.

Alcoholism is a disease that needs to be treated just like you would have your cancer treated. You can’t just talk about your cancer and you can’t just talk about your drinking. The treatment for cancer is best done by medical specialists at special cancer hospitals. 

The treatment for alcoholism is spiritual and can be learned and practiced at special Primetime AA meetings. In Primetime there is only now moment treatment of alcoholism through spiritual practice. There is nobody to blame and nobody left to fight. Primetime AA is different and you will probably either love it or hate it. People hate Primetime because it is not easy. In Primetime you have to work on yourself, not your neighbor. I tried to get sober by going to civilian AA meetings and telling amusing stories about my drinking. It didn’t get me sober and it didn’t get anyone else sober. I didn’t get sober until I started practicing the first three steps of AA with total self honesty.

I had to have the necessary spiritual awakening in order to fully recover from my disease of alcoholism. I couldn’t get sober by simply attending Primetime AA meetings. I had to recover from my illusion of separation with God. I found practical connection to God and a way to live my life through God source instead of my despondent, injured ego.

astrid h kicked me out of AA

When I had one year of sobriety in regular AA people in Malibu AA were telling me about Primetime AA spiritual treatment in North Hollywood. I had just worked hard to get out of Tujunga and make it to Malibu recovery and so the thought of driving back in to the Valley did not appeal to me but I did it. I started going to the now defunct Life Preserver meeting with Primetime speaker K. C. Pierson.

One night I was standing on the corner of Laurel Canyon and Oxnard when Astrid H. walked up and appointed herself my sponsor.  She had six months of sobriety and I had one year.  At that time I had nothing else better going on and so I let her be my sponsor. We spent a lot of time going to AA meetings together and she jump started me in Primetime AA psycho-babble.  It was a priceless therapeutic experience at self-diagnosing my brokenness. When I had four years of quality recovery I had to let Astrid go as my sponsor and she kicked me out of AA.  That left me with a lot of time on my hands and so in a continuation of my upward trajectory I continued my spiritual seeking. I found the time to get involved with Agape and I discovered Joel S. Goldsmith.  Even though Astrid H. kicked me out of AA I am still sober to this day and I even became a Freemason because of it.  

In Primetime AA Step One is an Awakening

Primetime AA has been called American Zen because of the immediacy of Primetime practice. I can only treat my alcoholism in the day that I am in. I begin to treat my alcoholism with a awareness of waking up to God consciousness.  I continue to treat my alcoholism by maintaining my awakening. 

In Primetime AA There Are No Drinking Stories

Most of the dialog at a regular meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous revolves around drinking. The speaker begins with: “I took my first drink at age twelve . . . “ The speaker then proceeds with a blow by blow account of his drinking career in a dark and entertaining spiel and then in the last minute of his pitch he says, “And then I came to AA and got sober. Thank you. Good night.”  The recovery part of the person’s pitch is minuscule compared to the drinking part of the story. In Primetime the recovery and spirituality part of the story is the focus. In Primetime AA the focus is on the application of spiritual principles in the day that I am in. In Primetime there is a lot of quoting from “The Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous” as well as “The Big Book of AA.” In Primetime these books are read aloud in first person singular: I admit that I am powerless over alcohol-that my life is unmanageable. 

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By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.