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Is Our Guru Real?

Age of Ascension vs. Age of Aquarius

When Aquarian Age kundalini yoga Guru Singh improperly woke me from my paid savasana at Yoga West he ripped a hole in the fabric of a perfect Universe.  Our God is always real but our gurus are sometimes fake.  God is closer than breath and nearer than hands and feet.  Contemplate, meditate, communion leads to union with God. 

Are our religious leaders real or are they neo-Pharisees braying in public while wearing ostentatious religious costumes like Guru Singh?  One hundred churches in America die and close every week in Yogi Bhajan’s so-called Age of Aquarius while yoga continues to grow.  Yoga promises immense social gratification for fashionable middle class white females. 

yogi bhajanist fraud

Kundalini yoga is always growing because kundalini yogis and gurus tell upscale Caucasian women exactly what they want to hear on whatever day of their lunar cycle they want to pay to hear it. 

Kundalini yoga gurus, churches, preachers and religions are not spiritual reality, they are material reality.  Looking for spiritual satisfaction in a yoga studio is like looking for God in the form of a fashion statement.  The Age of Aquarius is a fantasy made-up to sell yoga classes and entertainment industry products.  A song and a church are both physical objects in the material world.  A church or a guru can actually prevent you from finding the God burning within you.  If the kingdom of heaven is within then hell must be other people. 

Spiritual Things Are Spiritually Discerned

Lot’s of people tell me that they want to go to Agape International Spiritual Center in Culver City, California with me.  Every so often one of them actually follows through and meets me for 6:00 a.m. meditation.  One day Robby Orenstein from Queens actually met me for a service.  When it was over he turned to me and said: “That’s a really great deal for Michael Beckwith.”  What Robby meant was that the Reverend Michael Beckwith has a really great job travelling all around the globe dancing and singing with the Agape International Choir.  Is your church a material show or a spiritual connection?  The great thing about Agape is that I found The Infinite Way at Freedom Path on Monday nights.  Mystical union with God.  

Age of Artificial Intelligence

Lately I have been walking on the beach from Moonstone Park in King Harbor all the way past the Hermosa Pier and almost all the way to the Manhattan Beach Pier.  I have created my own belief system based upon the Age of Aquarius.  Lately the Fifth Dimension have been playing in my head.  The Age of Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In is cracking and popping on warm 1970’s vinyl in my brain. 

Artificial Intelligence vs. Ascension Intelligence

Artificial intelligence already controls a vast swath of the population.  You can see them trading Snap Chat images with each other for 365 days in a row.  People don’t go to church because they are looking for fulfillment from their digital display screens.  My practice is Ascension Intelligence through meditation, contemplation, communion and then union with God. 

Age of Aquarius vs. Age of Asparagus!

Union.  At one with the world engaged with everything.  Leading the conversation and ending it too.  This is the dawning of the Age of Asparagus! 

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