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DO IT YOURSELF: Citizen Restraining Order

If you are interested in finding and restraining pedophiles go to

crimes of john herriot failed change current address 7309 franklin

This is a blog shall serve as a citizen issued order hereby restraining John Herriot‘s CMEN West Coast Gathering 2022, Jeff Cowan, Tony Merker and Pablo Sergio Rivera from distributing free samples of youth league baseball uniforms to boys under the age of 14 years.  Offering free little league baseball uniforms to underprivileged Mexican children is really just subterfuge for enticement into child exploitation, pornography and gay sex trafficking. Prevent pederasty by just saying “no” to free sample baseball uniforms for your kid.  

Herriott and convicted felon Paul Wilkins prefer to engage their pedophilic predilections in a racketeering influenced corrupt organization known as the Mexican Boy Lover Club.  If you see John Herriott or his associates near your children’s schools, public parks or in your neighborhood, print out a copy of this concerned private citizen restraining order.  Personally serve it upon all suspicious characters loitering around baseball fields frequented by children after school.  If it looks like a dirty old man, walks like a dirty old man, and has a high pitched, immature voice, then it probably is a gay pedophile searching for prepubescent boys to prey upon. 

property owner john herriot restraining order
Convicted Gay Pedophile Paul Charles Wilkins
Herriot’s outdated address on

Megan’s Law Website Address Correction

John Herriot failed to update his address when he purchased a condominium in 2010. Herriot now resides at 7309 Franklin Avenue, Unit 105, Los Angeles, California 90046. Mr. Herriott’s Megan’s Law website address is therefore incomplete incorrect.  


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cmen sex leader herriot holler hohenwald tn

Create Your Own Citizen Restraining Orders to Ensure That Registered Child Sex Offenders Are In Compliance With Megan’s Law Website Address Requirements 

The Palm Springs Pennsylvania Pedophile Pipeline
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The high concentration of Megan’s Law registered child sexual predators near Starland Retreat Center in Yucca Valley provides excellent opportunities for investigating and deterring international child sex trafficking.  The wide open spaces of the California desert are favored by human traffickers for the cover they provide. Even Charlie Manson loved the desert. Homosexuals hopped up on methamphetamine are eager to pass out free samples to potential sex partners.  Free sample baseball hats from John Herriott and CMEN are really just bait to lure more and more men into a lifestyle of illicit aberrated homosexual conduct. Train your robots by creating your own sexual deviancy restraining orders using any simple application such as Microsoft Paint. 

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By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in Tujunga, CA, Dean mastered secrets of the ancient grifters in order to elevate himself.