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Fat Tuesday

End of the Carnival

There isn’t really a Mardi Gras or carnival season In Southern California. We save it up for spring break. When I was in high school and college, spring break was always someplace in the desert. The desert means having a living space that is a destination. The desert has always been clothing optional libertarian California do what you want but don’t harm anyone else.

Different social groups went to different places in the desert. My father was really into water skiing and would take us out until the Colorado River hit the border near Parker, Arizona and beyond. We had a 26′ houseboat in a slip on Lake Mead for a decade and a house in Bullhead City for a few years. Bullhead City was the first and only second home my father ever owned in his life and he counseled me wisely on the folly of bourgeois ownership of a secondary or vacation home. You will get bored with it after a few years. You feel obligated to go to that second home. You have to perform home maintenance, etc. Owning a houseboat on Lake Mead is the same type of luxury problem: When you own a second home or a large moored boat, you spend so much of your leisure time in one place that you need a vacation from your vacation.

When I was a teenager my parents would always let me take my girlfriend on vacation because they thought it would prevent me from turning totally gay. I was the oldest of four and I have two younger sisters. My sisters girl friends became my girlfriends. I had a blissful teenage carnival in the desert. I’m living in the desert right now for financial leverage. Right now I have everything but the girl.

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Carnival of Sisters

I have a sister thirteen months younger than me who hung out with jocks & preppies and I would mingle on the fringes of these social elites. However I was pure Dead Head Rock and Roll. My scene was Burning Man before hippies were a commodity. I was out in the desert blowing jazz chords on a jumbo guitar with Bob Hinze singing the lyrics to my songs. We knew that no matter how tough the times were or how desperate we were, we knew that we could always find semi-naked college girls gone wild on the wide open sidewalks of downtown Palm Springs in the Spring carnival season.

carnival of souls

In the late 70’s and early 1980’s twenty-two year-old college girls in thong bikinis used to line Palm Canyon Drive during spring break. Beautiful young men and women would cruise up and down the boulevard in convertibles and on motorcycles spraying each other with squirt guns in mock sexual battles. It was a free spirited carnival of college kids having good clean fun.  It was the boomtown 80’s and money was growing on trees.  Palm Springs was on the way up.  Gays were bringing in an influx of capital and resources.  Palm Springs was a really fun place to be. But Palm Springs got spoiled and arrogant. Mayor Sonny Bono decided that he didn’t want college girls in thong bikinis in PS and so Mayor Bono passed a local ordinance outlawing public display of the “natal cleft”.  A lot of people say that Sonny Bono ruined PS and I agree.  I think the Palm Springs anti-nudity law should be repealed to bring back a little carnival atmosphere but I’m not about to waste my precious time dealing with the City of Palm Springs.