I first met John Herriot at his high desert Starland Retreat Center back in the 1990’s over Palm Springs gay pride weekend. I didn’t like John back then and now that I know him well I like him evenn less. I am angry at myself for hanging around this creepy character for so long. Something important is not right with Mr. Herriot and his gay oriented sex businesses.

starland retreat center

In all fairness, Starland is part-owned by Steve Fuji who works for the Riverside Unified School District. Steve always made me nervous with his interest in young Asian boys. Now that I am splicing all of this registered child sex offender information together I can see the pedophilic tendencies in Mr. Fuji.  There is something going on but you don’t know what it is now, do you Mr. Jones?

starland retreat center yucca valley

Is Steve another left-handed pederast pitching free little league baseball uniforms for the Mexican boylover club?  Is Starland the southern entry portal for the international cabal of child sex traffickers? Is Steve Fujimoto partly responsible for CMEN as part owner of Starland? 

starland retreat center sculpture garden

I did volunteer webmastering for John and like a lot of guys in California Men Enjoying Naturism we created a nice little community with CMEN. Now I notice that CMEN and LANG share the same business address. I went to three Fall Gatherings in Malibu. I stood up to Rick Boehle and prevented his gay leather training for twelve year-old boy lust agenda. I told Herriot I hate his camp drag shows where he wears an old lady wig game show host querying an elegantly dressed Jeff Calvert looking better than a lot of real women I have dated. I tried to set John “straight” and he de facto ex-communicated me from his little boylover club. I am a very eccentric character and I realize the effect I have upon other less-skilled narcissists. Sometimes other gay romantics like John get jealous of my action and try and ostracize me.

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I am a lifelong California naturist. John created a private naturist club called CMEN and excluded me because I stood up to his desire to teach gay leather fetish and other homosexual rituals and behaviors to twelve year-old boys. So now I’m angry that a convicted pedophile has the hypocrisy to judge me.  John is operating CMEN as his private profit making venture with no licensing, permits or tax status. I’m mad that CMEN is having sex parties in Malibu and not only am I excluded, the other fags are sitting around gossiping that there is a non-existent restraining order issued against me.  There is no restraining order. There is only this private citizen Penal Code Section 288(a) investigation into the private and public affairs of John Herriot and CMEN for child sex trafficking consortium. Call J. Edgar Taxman because we’re talking Mr. “Rico” Suave here:  Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organization.


starland retreat center

At a post-Gathering pool party in mid-September 2014 in Canoga Park, Charlie Kenyon mildly sexually assaulted me by sucker-kissing me broadside and  sticking his tongue in my mouth without my bodily consent while I was talking to a naked seventy-five year old Jewish retired psychiatrist about tantric breathing. True story. Charlie was talking his head off and nobody was listening as usual. Then Charlie starts bragging about how much he has in life; school teacher pension, blue chip retirement portfolio, how much damn rent he collects, plans for reverse mortgage, etc. All mewled out in his insipid Tony Soprano New Jersey fake mafioso Philadelphia accent that all of those people have back there.  I decided right then and there to carve out a nice little slice of Philly for myself and I did.

PHILADELPHIA STORY:  Great big juicy triple bypass emergency drop dead heart attack surgery in a blizzard for my dessert right after I died on the job eating my usual oatmeal and three boiled egg breakfast on December 26th in a Center City whorehouse. Tough lust baby!.

starland retreat center

Charlie needed a story that somebody would listen to and so he made up a story that there was a restraining order issued against me by the freedom loving citizens of the City of Brotherly Love. There is no judicial decree issued upon Dean McAdams in Philadelphia, PA or any other jurisdiction.


Now I am meditating and practicing nude Kundalini yoga in the desert. Clean, clear consciousness purifying my soul. Thanksgiving for the golden bliss of solitude. 

starland massage workshop

Starland Retreat Center Massage Events

My mentor Dr. McDuff went to a massage workshop at Starland Retreat Center last Fourth of July Weekend and then he came over to my place. Starland Retreat Center is in the high desert and I live in the low desert so I don’t get up to Starland that much. Living in Palm Springs is isolated enough, but Yucca Valley is really out in the middle of nowhere.  Be careful who you meet-up with at Starland. 

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Desert Hyper-Sexuality Training

Currently I am totally redefining my life and sexuality. I have become a chaste man of God. I am letting God decide my sexuality for me. Prayer and meditation are the instructions I receive. Kundalini yoga, one breath one movement.

john herriot's starland retreat center

I’m sick and tired of the whole gay as a cultural phenomenon thing. I like masculine men to make love to me but I get nauseated by pro forma self-perpetuating camp drag lilting voices. I don’t support CMEN or any of their policies. I am shocked and embarrassed that I ate a meal sitting next to sleazy Rick Boehle and listened to his vile pedantic pederast plans to program young people to enjoy homosexual fetish.

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My heart yearns for clean pure and simple. I seek shelter in the sunlight of the spirit. I feel clean and I feel much better making this official break with CMEN. They were wrong to exclude me. They made me lonely for a little while but now I have reconnected with a much more spiritual and vital community that needs me.

starland shower

I am conducting this pedophile investigation into the activities of registered child sex trafficker John Herriot and his associates transgender cross-dressing whatever attorney Jeffrey R. Calvert, leather fetish instructor Rick Boehle and that mealy mouthed libelous slanderous seamy little boylover Charles Kenyon of the East Coast Boylover Consortium.  

The problem here is that I now have to silence John Herriot, Charlie Kenyon and the gossip girls at CMEN from lying to the world and making people afraid of me.  I’m not dangerous I’m just really different. John Herriot, Jeff Calvert and Rick Boehle can’t go around lying about me just because they don’t like me. These guys need to contact me.

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What untold escorting opportunities have I lost because of this conspiracy of pederasts? I’m feeling the need to be reimbursed under the Human Trafficking Act for the untold financial and emotional burden of conducting this two year old investigation into Starland Retreat Center and the International Boylover Network. 

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view from starland retreat center yucca valley

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.