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Starring Sonya Devereaux: Scream Queen Summer Camp Massacre #1

The pandemic lockdown killed retail comic book stores and the comic book supply chain has been severely disrupted. Comic book content creators quickly learned how to adapt, live long and prosper. The producers of Starring Sonya Devereaux: Scream Queen Summer Camp Massacre #1, used crowdfunding to independently produce, publish and print this 48 page extravaganza. I understand the comic book fetish and underwent the requisite comic book rituals as a youth.

I’ll Wait for the Scream Queen NFT Cream

Even though I understand the tactile pleasure of indulging in a four color comic book, I limit myself to only reading e-comic books. Even better, i-comic books. In my opinion comic books are ideally suited for fast, easy, internet based consumption.

These digital days I would probably never purchase a hard copy comic book, even if it were a windfall investment opportunity. Too expensive with too a large of a carbon footprint. Plus I live in a studio apartment and there isn’t enough room for even a little eight page comic book.

NFT’s are all the rage now and so I will be consuming my new copy of Starring Sonya Devereaux via digital media only. That is the whole point of this article, to give you a taste of Sonya’s new release before you plunk down your hard earned cash on a hard copy. Now you can go green with a $3.99 e-comic book using Kindle & comiXology. In the future there may even be a NFT’s of your favorite issues of Starring Sonya Devereaux.

One Shower Room Fits All

This is not a family summer camp. The pandemic lockdown caused a comic book supply chain disruption. Therefor the producers were unable to complete construction of artwork for separate shower rooms for boys, girls, trans, undecided and “none-of-the-above.” That would require five different shower rooms. That would be a ridiculous waste of both ink for drawing and water for showering. Therefore in the spirit of democracy, everybody showers together at this summer camp. It’s still rather ridiculous but it sets up the plot line for some great action later on. That’s why they call it summer campy, right?

starring sonya devereaux scream queen summer camp massacre #1
New angle on the obligatory shower scenes
Giving guest spots to your investors is financial genius

Selling head space in your comic book panels is pure capitalistic genius. Saving Sonya Devereaux has now hopped aboard the bandwagon and is selling guest spots in her pages. For a small fee, or a large fee, you can have the artist draw and color your face onto a character. In this case, just imagine your face on the dead police officer below. But wait, there’s more.

starring sonya devereaux scream queen summer camp massacre #1
Be the first one on your block to have yourself written into the Sonya Devereaux story line!

Saving Sonya Devereaux offers something that those other guys do not. For an even larger fee, the artists and the writers will work you into a speaking role with Sonya herself. She will call you nice things and pretend that she really likes you. For yet another hefty fee, you could even pay Sonya to be your comic book girl friend experience (CBGFE). For the right price you can probably do anything you want in an upcoming issue of Saving Sonya Devereaux: “Your Name Here” #218.

starring sonya devereaux

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By Dean McAdams

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