Alvin B. Sherron, Esq.

Los Angeles, CA

Re: State Bar Investigation: Abuse of Process
Riverside Superior Court Case No. PSC 160 6342

State Bar Investigation: Failure to Properly Serve TRO

How have you managed to prevent your legal filings from showing up online? The Riverside County Superior website does not list case no. PSC 160 6342.  I had to go to the courthouse to obtain a copy of your meritless memorandum of points and authorities and perjured declarations. Your pleadings contain outright lies. I made a settlement demand to your client John Herriot.  My demand is that Herriot, Calvert, Kenyon and Boehle cease and desist all representations that there is a restraining order against me.  Instead your maliciously perjured pleadings simply restate the same bald faced lies that there is a restraining order.  There is no restraining order.  

Mr. Sherron how do I make you, a member of the California State Bar understand the law? You are required by law to produce a copy of a restraining order if you are claiming that there is one. You must provide a copy to me and you must provide a copy to the Palm Springs Police Department. You have not produced a copy. Neither PJ Escobar nor Charles Kenyon have produced a copy of this alleged order restraining my basic civil right to liberty. You cannot simply sign a declaration under penalty of perjury claiming that Kenyon, Calvert and PJ Escobar say that there is a restraining order. There is no restraining order filed by Kenyon in Philadelphia. There is no restraining order. My new mission in life is to legally destroy anyone claiming there is a restraining order against Dean McAdams. You. Are. Next. In. Line.

I demand that you provide a statement that to your knowledge there is no restraining order against Dean McAdams. Otherwise I’m burning you down like a cheap cigar along with Herriot, Calvert, Boehle, Escobar, Fuji, and this Pete Cutter character in Atlanta, GA. Just because your CMEN conspiracy is gaining in numbers does not make you immune to criminal prosecution for child sex trafficking or kiddie porn. Your gay pedophile conspiracy will no longer be able to use Malibu as a staging ground for your racketeering influenced corrupt organization known as CMEN. 

State Bar Investigation:
Interfering with a Human Trafficking Investigation

Your office should be under California State Bar Investigation for interfering with a child sex trafficking investigation. Your client cannot hide behind cheap lawyering or rainbow flags. Herriot, Boehle, Calvert and Kenyon are registered violent criminals preying upon impoverished androgynous Mexican boys.  You guys can’t go on openly selling these kids on the streets of Palm Springs and Philadelphia. Most importantly you cannot use the judicial system to hide your illegal activities.  By using major league baseball uniforms to entice youngsters into a life of prostitution you undermine the sanctity of American life. Do you plan to sell these kids on the international market? 

Have you filed additional court documents that you have not properly served me with?  Are you attempting to improperly obtain default temporary restraining orders and/or other default judicial decrees against me? I fear that only a complete and thorough State Bar investigation will prevent your client from his child sex trafficking conspiracy.  Do you also represent Camp Shalom Malibu in this sordid affair?  You must obey that law and serve me with all legal documents. 

Thank you for giving me a corrupt and incompetent attorney-at-law to hang my hat on.  I shall make a name for myself pursuing your client right up to the gates of hell. John Herriot will not be allowed to make gay naturism into a racketeering influenced corrupt organization. If Herriot wants to practice pedophilia he can do it in hell and I promise I will not complain.   

Dean McAdams
Investigative Blogger
Palm Springs, CA

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