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I Will Be Throwing Away All Of My Own Trash, Just Like I Always Did Before Social Distancing

Social Distancing Means Don’t Knock on My Door For Anything Related to Trash, I’ve Got That Covered

Although we are supposed to be leaving our empty hot boxes outside of our apartment doors, that is just not working out for me. Therefore, I am solving the problem by removing a few of the working parts, in order to comply with social distancing. From now on, I will be taking out all of my own trash just like I did before COVID-19 and stay at home orders.

In order to comply with social distancing and shelter in place protocols, I will be personally carrying my empty hot boxes and rubbish into the dust bin just like I always did. Taking out my own trash is really no problem for me and I would really much rather do it myself anyway. So please do not knock on my door asking for my trash because I am removing unnecessary working parts from my social contact.

Stay at Home Means Don’t Knock On My Door

A few days ago Matt told me that his young children do not understand our new social distancing and stay at home procedures that we all must obey. That helped me to understand a lot of things. If kids don’t understand, that’s okay, we help children because they need our help. However, some of the senior citizen residents here at Masonic Homes Covina also do not understand exactly what social distancing and stay at home mean, because they don’t want to know what it is or practice it. Just because you are a doddering senior citizen doesn’t mean you can hobble about with your walker while everybody else is staying home. You don’t have to understand anything, you just have to stay at home.

Stay at home means do not improperly insert yourself into someone else’s loop. I love all my Brothers, but please don’t knock on my door if you see my empty hot boxes outside my door.

We have been instructed to leave the hot boxes outside with tomorrows menu so that our trash receptacles to not get filled up with hot boxes. However, I promise, I will leave any excuse for you to knock on my door. All the same, do not knock on my door during my after breakfast nap, because you knock me out of whack for the day. If you really think it is important, call me on my mobile or land, but I would really rather you just mind your own food chain.

stay at home
If you are a resident, this is not my uneaten breakfast, so don’t knock on my door during my after-breakfast nap, these are empty hot boxes with tomorrow’s menus, but you don’t need to think it that far thru, just ignore anything you see outside my door for the next few months

My Breakfast Menu Did Not Make it To the Kitchen

Today my breakfast was late because of a resident meddling with my breakfast menu while it was being returned. He woke me up and freaked me out, and my menu got thrown away with my empty hot box. When you interfere with my food chain the repercussions can last for 24 hours, exactly like what is happening right now.

Your breakfast will not be late, because I did not walk over to your apartment and intentionally insert myself into your breakfast food chain. It would be highly inappropriate for me to cause your breakfast to be late but more importantly we are supposed to practice social distancing by staying at home.

If It Is Not Your Job, Then Don’t Do The Work

If you are a resident, and you happen to see something outside my door that attracts your attention, please give me a call on my mobile phone or land line. Even if you see food boxes, just ignore them. That’s right, just leave them there and do not knock on my door. If I happen to miss a meal, it will be my own damn fault and I accept full responsibility for my own actions in advance. If it is not your job, then don’t do the work. When senior citizens insert themselves into my food chain, it creates too many moving parts, and we are supposed to be sheltering in place.

no more mr nice guy
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