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Steve De La Cruz

Steve De La Cruz is one degree from John Herriot.  John Herriot is a registered sex offender of children under the age of 14 years.  Herriott operates a youth league baseball uniform business and California Men Enjoying Nature.  CMEN is a gay nudist organization promoting serendipitous gay child sex trafficking.  Steve De La Cruz is also one degree from Jeffrey Cowan.  Cowan is a known supporter of Herriot and CMEN. The purpose of this blog is to function as a restraining order against CMEN conspiring with Herriot.  

Incompatible is a Polite Word For Asshole

This blog was cannibalized from an old paralegal blog:

Yesterday I went on a great law firm temporary secretarial assignment. The straight dictation gig was for four hours and it only lasted two so I really made out good on the money but that is not why this assignment was so great. I even drove twenty miles from Culver City to Woodland Hills. I found free on-street parking one block below the law firm on Ventura Boulevard but that is not why Friday’s law firm temporary litigation secretary assignment was so great. I am from the San Fernando Valley and good things have always happened to me in the Valley. College, marriage, youth. My paralegal career began in the Valley. Glendale. Hollwood. Metropolitan Los Angeles. 

Why Steve De La Cruz?

Because he knows Jeff Cowan.  My two hour law firm temporary assignment was great because of the attorney I worked for. David Weiss was just an incredibly nice attorney to work for. We got a lot of work done and we talked about baseball. All I had to do was four pages of dictation. I have not done dictation for a long time however taking dictation always leads to great things for me. The Weiss law firm even uses WordPerfect 6X. Thankfully I am also using WP 6X for another litigation attorney I contract for. This other attorney even bought me a copy of WordPerfect 6X and I have it on my new Lenovo laptop.

The other reason yesterday’s law office temporary assignment was so fantastic is because it was on a Friday! I got the good thank goodness it’s Friday feeling and I only had to go into an office for one day that week. However I would have liked to go in on all five days of that week and a lot more. 

I miss the feeling of going into a law office every day and being productive. I am working hard on increasing my client base so that I an go into law firms much more. 

steve de la cruz

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