STOP GLORIFYING VIOLENCE – Old School Hate is Out of Style


It is time to stop all of the world’s religious violence right now.  It is time to stop sneaking Sikh religion into yoga.  Sikhs don’t do yoga.  The various and sundry sword worshiping religions of the Dalit matrix have no place in the modern American landscape.  From the mainstream elitist Sikhs of the Punjabi to the kundalini bastardizing Bhajanists of Beverly Hills those swords will be melted down with the cheap handguns confiscated by the LAPD.  Religion is not an excuse to carry a kirpan. 

I Don’t Own Guns Because I Don’t Need a Gun, If I Need Protection I Will Call Law Enforcement, Why Do You Need a Knife?

Sitting on my yoga mat at Yoga West Guru Singh was complaining about some recent violence somewhere on this violent planet.  He sermonized that we should be stopping the violence.  Using the simplistic banning of guns solution we could just all sit around and say, “Hey, we got this”, in that typical glib sound bite zeitgeist lip service of the day.  If Guru Singh wants to ban guns then it should be just as easy to ban swords and kirpans.  Lets cease the weaponization of religion because old school hate has gone out of style with swords on the modern battlefield.  You’re not going to save anyone or do anybody any good with that ridiculous saber so just throw it on the scrap heap with the Confederate Civil War monuments.  

sikh violence

Stop the Religious Hypocrisy

Mr. Singh it is time to stop the hypocrisy and tear down those religious icons of your sword bearing gurus.  Why do we tolerate the worship and glorification of violence just because it is cloaked in hypocritical white religious Sikh and Bhajanist clothing and head wear?  This is a call on the Sikh and Bhajanist peoples of the world to lay down your swords.  Stop the promotion of swords and sword related industries.  Teach your children well and teach them peace so that they will teach their children peace.  Evolve your consciousness beyond that of your father, just like I did.  Abandon your violent knife worshiping.  In the long run the violence of your religion will only harm you and the ones you pretend to love.  

Religion Should Bring People Together Not Kill Them

The Bhajanists have destroyed yoga by incorporating the confrontational attitude.  Yoga should bring people together not hack them up into little tiny pieces with religious weapons.  This sword and sorcery stuff should be declared old school.  If we discourage the irresponsible proliferation of gun ownership then we should discourage this Sikh Kundalini irresponsible promotion of violence. 


The Pittsburgh Tree of Life Synagogue massacre has pushed me over the edge with the Sikhs and Bhajanists.  I had been ignoring the news during my caffeine withdrawal.  After spasmodically knocking my coffee cup into my laptop I had to let it dry out for three days during which time I ignored the news.  When I get back online what do I see but more religious violence.  Stop Sikh glorification of weapons because it is not funny any more. 

WINDSOR, ONT. May 9, 2010 – – Beloved members of the Sikh community parade with ceremonial swords on Riverside Drive West during Sikh new year festivities Sunday May 9, 2010. Hundreds marched and prayed during the event held by the Canada Sikh Cultural Society of Windsor. (NICK BRANCACCIO/The Windsor Star)

THE DALIT MATRIX | Research for next blog on the Dalit Caste:

The Dalits found solace, fulfillment of basic needs and a way out of social evils at the deras.