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Stress Test: RISK vs. REWARD

stress tester

Stress Risk vs. Reward

How much stress are you willing to endure for pleasure? Do you enjoy the pleasure of being right all the time? Do you like to browbeat and shame other people into submission? I stressed myself to death being a self-righteous asshole and I am surrendering all of that now. I don’t want to be right or happy, I just want to live.

Dessert Desert Sugar Stress

A few years ago my father told me that he still had a strong sex drive at age seventy-seven. I said: “Yeah Dad, I hang out with eighty year-olds that are still gettin’ it regular. We could set you up with a nineteen year old Mexican girl, we could pay her to clean, cook and fuck you.” But Dad never had the balls to go through with it. Instead he had my black sheep sister and her bastard son help him check out early with cigarette smoking. Now here I am at fifty-nine feeling like I have had all the sex with men and women that I want. Now I just want to have sex with God. 

My father ignored his sexual needs and killed himself by refusing his doctor’s orders to quit sucking those cheap gas station generic menthol cigarettes.  My dad said to the doctor: “Naw Doc, I wanna smoke my ass to death so Dean can inherit all my money and retire early.” And so my Dad smoked himself to death.

Stressless Saturday

My siblings stole my inheritance and a Los Angeles Superior Court gave it all back to me plus damages. Now I am researching equitable estoppel to claim the entire damage award for myself because I don’t want to share it with anyone. My siblings didn’t want to share and now I am taking it all in a probate court action. I need the money so I can live a life without stress practicing nude kundalini yoga and meditation.

Sex is all in your mind. The human body mind soul is an infinite playground. I have transcended the banality of sex and made sex into a holy and sacred experience.