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Is Your Kundalini Yoga Student Beyond Your Infinity?

The purpose of being a Kundalini yoga teacher is to raise your consciousness and merge with infinity. If you are a real KYT nothing should be beyond your infinity. Saying something is beyond your infinity is like saying something exists separate and apart from God. Nothing exists separate and apart from God. Yogi Bhajan teaches infinity as the ultimate goal and so if you are stuck in the finite world as a KYT then you could be somehow blocked and you may want to consider practicing a few White Tantra kriyas in order to clear out your subconscious mind.

dya kaur libby lydecker
Kundalini Yoga & Meditation | Dya Kaur Libby Lydecker | 9:00 am Fridays | Yoga West | 1535 S. Robertson Blvd., Beverly Hills, CA

What Level Are You On?

The purpose of a teacher is to elevate her students, not exclude them in secrecy for subjective reasons. Ramakrishna’s eccentric behavior would probably not be tolerated at Yoga West and he would be expelled from Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Level 1. An Aquarian teacher should traffic in experience instead of information. Has the practice of Kundalini yoga become as wrote and empty as the rituals of the Catholic Mass?

rama krishnaOn The Level

Rumors spread to Kamarpukur that Ramakrishna had become unstable as a result of his spiritual practices at Dakshineswar. Ramakrishna’s mother and his elder brother Rameswar decided to get Ramakrishna married, thinking that marriage would be a good steadying influence upon him—by forcing him to accept responsibility and to keep his attention on normal affairs rather than his spiritual practices and visions. Ramakrishna himself mentioned that they could find the bride at the house of Ramchandra Mukherjee in Jayrambati, three miles to the north-west of Kamarpukur. The five-year-old bride, Saradamani Mukhopadhyaya (later known as Sarada Devi) was found and the marriage was duly solemnised in 1859. Ramakrishna was 23 at this point, but the age difference was typical for 19th century rural Bengal.

Absent Without Leave

Dya Kauer Libby Hudson Lydecker
Dya Does Not Look Like This Outdated Yoga West Profile Photo In Real Life

I will be practicing Rainbow Tantra to heal Yoga West KYT Dya Kaur Libby Hudson Lydecker of her unwavering lack of commitment to confidentiality, authenticity and her responsibility as a Kundalini yoga teacher.  I made a commitment to move back to LA to become a KYT and Dya Kaur has somehow taken issue with this. My issue is that Dya does not say anything to me directly, she only goes complaining about me to Guru Singh, Adarsh and Sat Devbir. Apparently KYT is something Libby does when she is not acting in moving like Moving Targets.

I have been studying and practicing yoga and meditation for over 40 years and this just happens to be my year to focus on Kundalini. Since none of this cast-of-characters are speaking to me face to face, I’ll just call them out in this blog. I will require an explanation from Dya as to why she was absent from her Yoga West teaching duties at 9:00 a.m. Friday, February 16, 2018.  The least she could do is update her photographs by a few decades.

Libby Hudson Liberation

Dya Kaur Libby Hudson Lydecker has liberated me from the need for Kundalini yoga teacher training. I wanted to buy-in for the social capital, I could have used it now that I have abandoned gay life. At least now I am totally focused on my yoga. KY is a self-initiating, self-sensory system of self-awareness. You do not need an expensive yoga studio or elitist Beverly Hills teachers. KY is actually a scientific method of advanced meditation that can be practiced anywhere, not just with a $129.00/per month unlimited monthly pass to Yoga West. Expand your infinity by creating a sadhana, a personal yoga and meditation practice at home. No yoga teacher required.dya kaur kundalini yoga teacher

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in Tujunga, CA, Dean mastered secrets of the ancient grifters in order to elevate himself.