Inspired by human ignorance to live a life of quiet contemplation

Stupid people have inspired me to become a semi-recluse.

Having already experienced a rich and rewarding social life, stupid people inspire me to live the remainder of my days in the blissful seclusion of golden silence. In my opinion all dead anti-vaxxers should be rewarded by receiving posthumous Darwin Awards. Thank you for enlightening me. I love all dumb people because they make me look intelligent. Facebook is the only place where lame people can have a voice on the Internet.

People who refuse to be vaccinated are selfish individuals.

When someone posts an anti-vaccination meme on my Facebook profile, I simply hide it from view, I do not report it. When I refute anti-vaccination memes on Facebook, the anti-vaccination poster reports it to Facebook and has it deleted. Facebook is a hang out for people who barely know how to work a computer. I love stupid people because they inspire to stop wasting my time on Facebook.

Anti-vaxxers, Trump supporters, negative people on Facebook and all ignorant human beings have permanently altered my social landscape. I would like all of the stupid people on the planet to please hurry up and die in mass. This is not about your right to refuse vaccination and masks. This is about your stupidity affecting the family of man. In another year or so the planet will reach herd immunity. But first we need all the anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers to succumb to the corona virus.

Ignorance is bliss

I wanted to start going to meetings but now LA is in a Delta variant surge of the virus amongst the unvaccinated

When the pandemic is finally over I will still be socially isolating. Al-Anon meetings near me have recently re-opened to live and in-person format. However today Los Angeles goes back to mandatory in-door masks at all in-door events. It’s not the masks that I mind, it’s the fact that we are back in a corona virus surge because anti-vaxxers are getting sick and dying in large numbers.

West Side Hope Center Al-Anon:

stupid people do not go to meetings
IRONY: Negligent human beings are preventing me from attending Al-Anon meetings to discuss my healing from trauma caused by negligent human beings.

West Side Hope Center N.A:

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Even social isolation will not protect me from ignorant people

Even socially isolating during the pandemic has not completely sheltered me from stupid people. The ignorant ones still talk loudly using their speaker phone in supermarkets. Negligent motor vehicle operators still expose me to danger by texting while they are driving. Dumb drivers still text in front of me when the light changes from red to green and impede the flow of traffic. I don’t even pull up to people at stop signs anymore. I hold back, give them a few seconds and then simply drive around them. I live in West Los Angeles, so if I honk behind idle texting drivers, they wake up and become combative and go into road rage mode.

I don’t honk, I just drive around them and am on my way before they even notice me

The other day I pulled up in back of a woman at a stop sign. When she didn’t proceed I gave her a polite little courtesy tap tap of my horn. She got all pissed off and instead of proceeding she sarcastically waved at me. Then she moved her car forward ever so slowly. When I attempted to drive around her she pulled hard left to block me, while she was still texting and driving! That is why I simply go around drivers blocking me on crowded L.A. streets. I don’t want to awaken any sleepers. I just want to get home and meditate.

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean overeducated himself beyond his social station to end up a retired paralegal in the coastal paradise of West L.A.