Eliminate Civil War Statues and Sikh Ritual Violence

Violent Subconscious Tendencies

Has the Sikh religion programmed your subconscious mind towards publicly violent behavior?  Who are the perceived enemies of the Sikh religion and Kundalini yoga?  Do you even know or have you been so brain washed that you don’t know who you are fighting?  Wouldn’t it be fair to let people know exactly who the enemy is? Some of this Sikh ritual violence starts to look like child abuse.  Young Sikh women are programmed with a subconscious need to vilify someone.   

subconscious progarmming

Are School Yard Slashings Next?

There is an air and mood of impending doom and violence in places like Yoga West.  It’s a sad state of affairs when yoga and religion are using swords and stare-downs to promote their agendas. Why are we correcting Confederate history and allowing another kind of hatred to thrive?  If we are tearing down Civil War statues on the East Coast, then we should prohibit Sikh and Kundalini sword visuals nationwide 

perfect violence

What if some Sikh starts rampaging with a sword or we start having school yard slashings?  What’s goof for the goose is good for the gander.  I would like to see some egalitarian constitutional behavior from the Sikh and Kundalini people of America.  Promoting religious violence or trafficking in children is not legal.    

kaur girls

Promoting Cultural Elitism

There is nothing spiritual or constitutional about the Daughter of a Kaur manifesto.  This is materialism and elitism.   The Daughter of a Kaur expects the world to bow down to her.  That is a very elitist belief that should be posted on the door of Yoga West.  Non-Sikh men deserved to be warned about what to expect in a Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training program.  The Daughter of a Kaur has had her subconscious mind programmed to elitist violence.  

kaur manifesto

Sikh Kundalini Public Relations

The Sikh religion and Kundalini yoga have high quality public relations and advertising to sway your subconscious beliefs.  You may be a Daughter of Kaur but if you are in American then you must obey American laws.  Nobody bows down to you.  Your paradox and irony should be labeled clearly for all the world to see.  You are not fighting fair because nobody even knows they are fighting you.  Do your little Sikh children know who they are supposed to be hating and fighting?

subconscious programming  

Sikh Violence

The Sikh religion is quick to point out whenever some redneck bashes a Sikh in Central California.  But what about Sikh’s attacking each other?  What about Sikh’s subconsciously attacking the world as a way of life?  Swords and evil eye posturing are very inappropriate in today’s world.  Sikhs and Kundalini’s using fashion and style to subconsciously promote violence is just as bad as having a one hundred year old civil war stature in a park in Washington, D.C.   So throw away those swords Mr. Sikh tough guy!

subconscious violence