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The Vow – PART TWO – Viscera

the vow exploitation of women

Subjugation and Exploitation of Women

We get into the subjugation and exploitation of women at the end of Part Two of The Vow, entitled: Viscera. The branding of Keith Raniere’s sex slaves in the DOS sub-cult of his NEXIVM cult is what first thrust this shocking story into the headlines. The branding is what captured my attention three years ago. Any anti-social psychopath can engage in sex trafficking of women, but branding them as sex slaves takes cult worship to a new level. Even motorcycle outlaws only tattoo their women. Keith Raniere is probably the first sex trafficker to brand his victims.

Did Mark Vicente Kill His Career by Joining the NIXIVM Cult?

Filmmaker Mark Vicente spent twelve years of his life living and working for NXIVM in Albany, New York. His career was on a roll but if you check him out now on IMDB, it appears that his career has stalled. NXIVM preyed upon celebrities like Vicente and his wife Bonnie Piesse. I wonder if Mr. Vicente tried to recruit any of his friends from his successful movie, What the Bleep Do We Know? I loved that move but hated that title. In fact, because of that censored title, I erroneously assumed that the movie was just going to be some foul mouthed comic saying the “F” word all evening and so I declined an invitation to attend a screening in 2004 when the movie opened in theaters. When I found out that What the Bleep was about quantum physics, I purchased the three DVD set, which included extra footage, because I like to go a little deeper. Lame title, great movie. That movie sent me on a two year study of quantum mechanics and human potential.

exploitation of women
What the Bleep filmmaker Mark Vicente and his wife actress Bonnie Piesse

I wonder if Mark Vicente killed his once promising career by engaging in litigation with his former employer? Here are the first ten pages of a federal complaint Mr. Vicente and other plaintiff’s recently filed in the Eastern District of New York. This document takes you a little deeper into the facts.

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Keith Raniere, center, sits with attorneys Paul DerOhannesian, left, and Marc Agnifilo.Elizabeth Williams via AP, File

By Dean McAdams

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