Suicidal Error

Spiritual Error is Being Anthony Bourdain or Kate Spade Hanging Dead in 5 Star Luxury

Tony and Kate the suicidal celebrities exist only as practical error in the vulgar material world and they have no reality. In spiritual reality there is no personal sense of Anthony Bourdain that can either be killed or created by the human Anthony Bourdain. The self-described  vulgar manifestation we know as Tony the Burger Slut dancing on CNN still exists today in some energetic form of consciousness and quite possibly physical reality. In other words Tony Bourdain and Kate Spade could quite possibly be already reincarnated as new-born conjoined twins in a Rohingya refugee camp in Bangladesh.  

Today’s Rock Star is Tomorrow’s Mongoloid

Somewhere in the universe Kate Spade and Tony Bourdain must now learn the lessons in gratitude and humility that they failed to grasp in the luxury of the 5 star hotels and penthouse apartments of New York, London and Paris. Now Kate and Tony are reborn as the happy young mongoloid couple holding hands in the public library while sitting at the table next to me in our free adult day care. Mongoloid, he was a mongoloid, happier than Tony or Kate.

Error Can Be Treated by Meditating God’s Perfection 

Tony Bourdain and I are both 61 years old. I am living in my van and have an incredible sense of health and well-being.  I am filled with gratitude and humility as I await a charity berth in eternity. Tony’s net worth was $12 million, he had a hit show on CNN, and he hung himself in a 5 star hotel in Alsace, France.  Tony didn’t have recovery from his addictions and I do. There is no me and there is no Tony. There is only the consciousness that I AM. For Anthony Bourdain or myself, drinking a beer is a form of alcoholic delayed suicide. If I drank alcohol I would be so dead I could catch up to Tony.

Being a Mass Market Phenomenon

It is mentally exhausting to reinvent yourself in the human scene.  Transformation is a spiritual healing process not public spectacle.  It is a lot of work being a crowd pleaser like Kate Spade or Burger Boy Bourdain running on ego. When I operate from my vulgar ego I am never satisfied no matter how much destruction I cause. I like Kate Spade bags and Tony Bourdain Burgers but I don’t need that vulgar materialism and now I am an old geezer and can’t afford it anyway.  

The vulgarity of Bourdain’s spontaneous suicide is spectacular in his inconsideration for his hosts, best friend he was traveling with who discovered his body, and his employer. Cops will tell you that people who hang themselves are saying “fuck you”. Are you ready to accept God’s perfect healing right now or do you just want someone to feel sorry for you?  

Suicide is For People Who Are Too Intelligent To Meditate 

Some people are either too smart or too stupid to meditate the reality of God consciousness. If you pray and meditate answers will come. PRaying is simply awakening to Christ consciousness.  If you develop a regular meditation practice your life can be transformed in 7-8 years. Spiritual laws cannot be broken with selfish suicide shortcuts that are merely errors in spiritual practice.  

whale love song

The next time you think about suicide think about retarded or crippled people.  Physically and mentally challenged people are really sometimes just selfish souls paying the price for committing the spiritual error of suicide in a prior lifetime. 

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in Tujunga, CA, Dean mastered secrets of the ancient grifters in order to elevate himself.