Supplemental Insurance Salesman Warning

Are you an employee of the Los Angeles County Department of Beaches and Harbors wasting money on supplemental disability insurance just because the Castelazo dynasty of supplemental insurance salesman had the privilege of coming onto your work site and pitching their products to you?  These bogus policies never pay out, the claims adjusters always have some impossible hoop for you to jump through, just ask Glen.  Supplemental disability insurance is not an insurance necessity. Experts will tell you to insure against catastrophe, not inconvenience.

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Insure Against Catastrophe, Not Inconvenience

It doesn’t pay in the long run to have a lot of the many different insurance products offered for sale by the insurance industry.  Is there something really lacking in your current disability insurance coverage that you need to spend real money on more insurance?  Ask an objective professional who sells many different insurance products in a real insurance office. Insure against catastrophe and not inconvenience because you will probably never make a claim and if you do it will be rejected.  Just ask Glen for some horror stories about rejected claims for ridiculous technicalities. 

Have you or anyone you know ever received benefits from any disability policy sold to you by a supplemental insurance salesman?  I have never received benefits from the supplemental disability policy I purchased when I worked for a big corporation years ago and I don’t know of anyone who ever has collected on such a supplemental policy.  Supplemental disability insurance is a rip off and supplemental salesmen operating out of a home office on the lake in Westlake Village like Glenn Castelazo are not to be trusted. The Castelazo Family is trying to hustle and con me on many different levels. Glenn needs to get off his fat laughing ass and drive down to the Pierce Brosnan movie shooting on Westward Beach Road and make cheeseburgers for Craft Services Local 80 with Tony’s Catering.  Could using your kid as a marketing tool be prosecuted as child trafficking? 

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Career Advice

If Glen Castelazo offers you a job selling supplemental disability insurance, tell him that you want it in writing.  I am giving you the same advice that my friend G.W. tried to give me in 2004 standing on Westward Beach Road on Pt. Dume in Malibu. G.W. laughed at me when I told him I was going to insurance school in Encino so that I could sell supplemental disability insurance for Glen Castelazo in Agoura Hills.  G.W. was a real friend for telling me something that I did not want to hear.  I was a fool for wasting my time and money on obtaining my property & casualty and life insurance agent licenses for Mr. Castelazo. Don’t make the same mistake I did.  There are plenty of ways to earn honest money in the insurance business but Glen Castelazo & Associates are not a wise choice. 

Restricted Insurance License

The State of California made me pay for an attorney to get my “restricted” license because of my driving record.  I told Castelazo about my driving record prior to obtaining my license and he said that this would not be a problem. The State held a hearing and granted me my license but Glen never gave me a job.  Glen never even discussed his breach with me he just stopped returning my calls fourteen years ago.


Why Rant Now?

The reason I am so pissed off now is because Glenn tried to rip me off again in January of this year and this month I just remembered the $4,000 in legal fees I paid.  Glen totally shined me on and refused to take my calls for fourteen fucking years. Fourteen years after he breaches his agreement to provide me a job as a supplemental disability insurance salesman, Glenn Castelazo tried to get me to subscribe to his down-line for multi-level marketing of Enagic Kangen water machines, Tumeric and whatever else he is selling.  I have already been hustled by multi-level Enagic Kangen salesmen.  I was into Kangen water in 2010 and I even got sexologist and lecturer Dr. Paul Allen, MD, into drinking Kangen water. 

Selling Me the Air for My Last Dying Gasp

Exactly what is the Castelazo Family trying to sell to me?  Why is Glenn Castelazo inserting himself into my life again in such a grossly unsolicited manner?  The purpose of this article is to address the egregious conduct of Castelazo and Associates by intruding upon my life once again in January of 2018.  Will Cruz Castelazo call me out of the blue on my death bed and try to sell me the air for my last dying breath?  I am a pauper living on charity while Glenn Castelazo and his family are living on the lake in Westlake Village, California.  The universe must synchronize to equalize this quasi-criminal imbalance of ill-gotten wealth.

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There is no way Glenn Castelazo is ever going to voluntarily reimburse me for any portion of the $5,000 I spend on legal, education and licensing fees to obtain the licenses he requested that I obtain to become a supplemental insurance salesman for him.  If he were going to reimburse me he would have send a check to 322 Culver Bl. in Playa.  I could of course have sued him for the $5k in 2004 but I chalked it up to experience and moved on so that bigger and better things could happen to me than selling supplemental disability insurance to captive municipal government employees.

The problem is that Glen tried to hustle me a second time fourteen years later as if nothing had ever happened between us. What was Mr. Castelazo thinking?  Was he thinking that I would have forgotten about him stealing my time and money?  Did Glenn Castelazo think that I would be glad that he ripped me off and eager for him to do it again.  Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.  I am not buying any Enagic Kangen water machines from Glenn Castelazo and Associates and I don’t care if my decision steals food from the mouth of five year-old future supplemental insurance salesman Cruz Castelazo. 

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