110 Degree Summer Surrender

It is going to be 110 degrees above fahrenheit today in Palm Springs. When you live in the desert you do not use superlatives such as “she’s hot” to describe attractive people. No, in the desert you want to say, “she’s cool.Right? Surrender to the heat. Surrender to the summer of 2016.

110 Percent

Being a blogger is sometimes like being a newspaper columnist out of good ideas. All writing is like that. Screenwriting for example. When a screenwriter runs out of his own ideas he starts to imitate. Same thing with songwriting. I used to write screenplays and songs. I have experience in being creative. That’s what lets me give this blog 110 percent. I don’t know what I’m doing but I know how to do it.

110 Years Old

Today some geezer turned 110 here in the Coachella Valley. The geez lives in Indian Wells and is the oldest man in America. 

Know Means Know

One way to encourage teenagers to pursue higher education is to show them rather than tell them. Kids will give credence to sophisticated programming using powerful technology. Kids believe what they read on computers and smartphones. My job is to make children see where the webpage on their cell phone comes from. Programming comes from people with communication skills. Go to 9th grade summer school and take an extra credit course on communications like I did. Learn how to type. I thank my mother all the time for making me take typing in the 8th grade. Don’t waste your youth on trivial pursuits like gossiping about other people. Read Moby Dick by Herman Melville out by the pool.

Surrender to the Now

All the great sages and spiritual teachers will tell you that the real answer is to surrender to the now moment and listen to the small still voice within. Letting go of everything you think you know opens the mind to the infinite intelligence of the universe. You don’t have to learn everything from books or school. You could just open your eyes and look around and say: “Oh yeah, I get it.”