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suzanne fetters bridge

Susanne Ellen Fetters Memorial Equestrian Bridge

Suzanne Ellen Fetters was born on December 29, 1941 and passed on August 16, 2016 at the age of 71. When she was three years old Suzanne moved from McKeesport Pennsylvania to San Gabriel with her parents. After attending Immaculate Heart College she obtained her degree in early childhood development from Cal State LA.

suzanne ellen fetters

FROM LEGACY.COM: In adulthood Sue became an equestrian enjoying riding and training horses and eventually bred two of her own foals. Her prized Morgan gelding, Small Town Justice, was a champion show horse in the Los Angeles circuit. She also gave free riding lessons to children at her Covina, California residence as a way of introducing youngsters to the joys of an equestrian lifestyle.

Sue was very active in the community and was a strong advocate for good government. She served for four years as a Commissioner on the Los Angeles County Pornography Commission as well as serving on the Federal Meese Commission.

Suzanne passed away in her home after a year long battle with cancer.

Finally Met Someone With Grey Hair On the Suzanne Ellen Fetters Bridge

Sunday morning I finally met someone on the Suzanne Ellen Fetters Bridge who was closer to my own advanced age. On weekdays I usually only see a few thirty year-old athletes training for tryouts with the US Women’s Soccer Team. Weekends there are a few more walkers and college types and they are all super young compared to me.

Invitation to Lunch

So this morning was unusual because I finally met someone my own age and the man supplied me with background information on Suzanne Ellen Fetters. I was not wearing my identification as I normally try to do and so that may be why the man did not give me his name. I gave him my contact info and invited him to lunch. He was picking trash so he was obviously a reputable character and he informed me that he was retired. He asked me if I had a card and I said is my card. Maybe the next time we meet he will take me up on my invitation to lunch at the home for widows and orphans located on the Michael D. Antonovich Multiple Use Connector Trail.