kundalini tantra

Kundalini for the Advanced Swami

Swami Satyananda Saraswati

Chapter 11 | The Descent of Kundalini

Every swami talks about the ascent of kundalini, but when was the last time you heard a yogi discuss the descent?  When the descent of kundalini occurs, it means the lower mental plane of the human being is no longer influenced by the ordinary mind, the super mind takes over instead. This higher form of consciousness rules the body, mind and senses and directs your life, thoughts and emotions. Kundalini is henceforth the ruler of your life. That is the concept of descent.

The Whole Process After Union

When Shiva and Shakti unite in sahasrara, one experiences samadhi, illumination occurs in the brain and the silent areas begin to function. Shiva and Shakti remain merged together for the first time, and during this there is a total loss of consciousness pertaining to each other. At that time a bindu evolves. Bindu means a point, a drop, and that bindu is the substratum of the whole cosmos. Within that bindu is the seat of human intelligence and the seat of total creation. When the bindu splits in two Shiva and Shakti manifest again in duality. When ascension took place it was only the ascent of Shakti, but now, when descension takes place Shiva and Shakti both descend to the gross plane and there is again knowledge of duality.

Manifesting Consciousness

Those who have studied quantum physics will have a better understanding of this as it is difficult for everyone to understand from the philosophical point of view. After total union there is a process of coming down the same pathway you ascended. This descent of kundalini is symbolized by the mystical topsy-turvy tree. The gross consciousness which became fine, becomes gross. That is the concept of divine incarnation or avatara.

swami shakti manifest
The Non-Dual Experience of Samadhi

When one attains the highest pinnacles up samadhi, purusha and prakriti, or Shiva and Shakti are in total union, only adwaita exists, non-dual experience.  At this time, when there is no subject/object plus distinction, it is very difficult for the initiate to differentiate. He may look like a clueless idiot and not know it, or he may appear to be a great scholar and not to even be aware of that. Whether he is talking to a man or a woman he does not know, he sees no difference. He may even be associating with spiritual or divine people without being aware of that, because at this point of time his consciousness is reduced to a level of innocence just like a baby.  Androgynous.

So, in that state of samadhi you are like an undifferentiated baby. A universal human. A baby can’t tell the difference between a man and a woman because she has no physical or sexual distinction. She can’t distinguish a scholar from an idiot and she may not even see any difference between a snake and a rope. She can hold a snake just like she holds a rope.  This only happens when union is taking place.

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Kundalini Serpent Power Descending

When Shiva and Shakti descend to the gross plane, that is muladhara chakra, they separate and live as two entities. There is duality in muladhara. There is duality in the mind and senses and in the world of names and forms, but there is no duality in samadhi. There is no seer or experiencer in the state of samadhi. There is nobody to say what samadhi is like because it is a non-dual experience. 


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