San Bernardino Child Sex Trafficking

Investigation of Justin Syfers San Bernardino County gay child sex trafficking allegations.

Justin Syfers used his partner Kami Roebuck’s Facebook account to publish gay sex trafficking allegations. So now I am investigating all the facts surrounding relevant current and cold case crimes in the village of Crestline, located in San Bernardino County, California. This is all part of my larger investigation into nationwide sex trafficking.

Dear Kitt Roebuck:

Thank you for your Qmail of May 10, 2022. You state that, “He (Syfers) is a good man who never has anything bad to say about anybody.”  

That is not correct and to provide factual evidence I would like you to please prudently peruse this message that Mr. Syfers sent to me via your daughter’s Facebook account on March 29, 2022 at 5:51AM.

Screen shots from Kami Roebuck’s Facebook Profile

I would usually include the Facebook links to these screen shots but I had to block Kami Roebuck. Even though she was never a FB friend, Syfers was pasting these messages into the replies on my page, so I blocked her. But first I copied everything including a text file of the FB messages:

syfers gay child sex trafficking investigation
syfers gay child sex trafficking misrepresentations on facebook
Text file of same Facebook message:

“A Deno “ DICK SUCKING” Mcadams?! Seriously You Peckerwood pussy hating Penis Pownding Piece Of SHIT!!!!!! This is the real Justin number one!! Listen You Father Fuckin Cum Drunk Cockohallic Cunt Hating QUEER!! Kill the BULLSHIT Illegitimate Justin number two false SHIT accusations K YOU FUCKING FAGOT!!! Or I’m gunna tell the whole world ON LINE how My full scary uncle “D” for BIG “DICK”SUCKING & FUCKING DENO EXTREME HUGE DONG LOVING LOAD SWALLOWING SILLY BOY GAY UNCLE Repeatedly ass fucked and assaulted me Justin Syfers as an adolescent K You ignorant homosexual hillbilly FUCK So I suggest you remove the socially unacceptable sick and definitely twisted slandering of my Syfers last name!!!!! from your Backwoods Boner biting blog silly Boy or I’m gunna seriously let the false accusations fly from my heterosexual fingertips across the entire web about my Homosexual Baby fucking pedophile uncircumcised abused anus Uncle Any questions you cock sucking queer Little boy fucking HOMO!!! or… we shall see how you like some kinda BULLSHIT posted online about you that ain’t true so I suggest that you keep your cock sucker closed when it comes to the defamation of my name You Peter puffin little ass humper remove my name From your page or we can Both play this game your A FUCKING LAME GAY!!!! It is about time you came Out of the closet QUEER!! can’t wait to tell the world where my Uncle touched me right where I go pepe!”

justin syfers crime news

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.