Black & White Symbolic Power

This is the continuing story of how I was miraculously healed of postherpetic neuralgia using symbolic representations of ancient cosmic power. I did it spiritually by using meditation and visualization. My meditation is a constantly evolving practice and an enduring subject for yet another blog.

I just lifted my practice up a level by adding the symbolism of freemasonry as a black & white background channel to my meditation. Adding powerful symbolic black and white images to my meditation has taken me into a deeper level of meditative energy. Usually I have to force myself to meditate for long periods of time in the morning. But now everything is different and an hour of meditation is happening with ease with my new two channel visualization technique:


1. Two dimensional black & white symbolic Masonic image background.

2. Three dimensional color virtual reality foreground.

My life has been transformed by including Freemasonry in my meditation and contemplation. The Great Architect of the Universe has injected new energy into my communion with infinite spirit. For the past few days my meditation times have been getting longer and more self-sustaining. This weeks meditation incorporates Masonic symbolism.

symbolic freemasonry


Calling Addiction a Disease Isn’t Helping Anyone by Marc Lewis, PhD

This is from one of the many online recovery newsletters that I receive and this piece just rocks my world:

“Many people ask what addiction is if it’s not a disease. The answer that appears in my work and that of many other researchers is that addiction is a deeply learned cognitive habit, reinforced by frequent repetition and powered by highly emotional goals. One of the most common of these goals is mood regulation.

Trauma causes addiction

For people who are depressed or anxious, perhaps as an outcome of trauma in childhood or adolescence, perhaps bolstered by current frustrations or humiliations in the job market or intimate relationships, the misery of daily life can be overwhelming. So much so that emotional relief itself becomes paramount. In those circumstances, taking a pill, having a drink, eating a bag of chips, or watching a video that makes you feel better is no small matter. Especially when alternative sources of relief or satisfaction become progressively weakened in availability and relevance. Taking the same action repeatedly digs deep ruts in the psychological repertoire and in the brain’s cognitive and emotional circuitry. Hence brain change and psychological change are fundamentally coupled. All learning gives rise to brain change, and learning contingencies that seem necessary for psychological survival will change the brain most profoundly.” –Marc Lewis, PhD

Photo credit: Pawel Czerwinski/Unsplash

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.