THAT IMMIGRATION THING: Welcome to the Malibu Port of Entry

Camp Pedophile Malibu  Here is a Google Earth screenshot of the CMEN permanent pedophile storage container at Camp Shalom Malibu. This gives child sexual predators a nice isolated location that is still conveniently located within easy reach of the beach via scenic Mulholland Highway. The main benefit is being right next to the barn and…


LIFESTYLES OF PIMP SPRINGS, CA: The Elusive California Desert Peckerwood

Life in Pimp Springs My name is Woodrow P. Woods and I am a desert peckerwood living in the trees high above the desert rats. My friends call me Woody and my enemies call me, “Would He?”  As in Would He do this or Would He do that? Would He siphon the gas out of…


Gay Spiritual Terrorism: Not Every Girl Needs a Dress

Individual gay spiritual terrorism means going it alone. You really are all alone in the world. The sooner you face it the healthier you will be. So if you see the Buddha along side the road, kill him. Also kill all of his brainwashed disciples. If you happen to be a follower of Buddha then please…


Mystical Desert Yoga Dog

Get your emotionally healthy nude yoga practice dialed in correctly. You were born naked. Get comfortable getting naked and you will get comfortable with all of life. Everything else in life will just fall into place when you get natural on the mat. Your poise and well-being on your yoga mat are symbolic of your…