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Adult Anal Day Care

Anal Masturbation is Effective Adult Day Care

Anal masturbation using fantasy and visualization can replace the need for gender reassignment surgery if you use your imagination correctly. If you are a boy you already have everything you need, your boobs are just really small but the male nipples are still erogenous. Tantric anal masturbation as taught by Dr. Paul Allen, obgyn, is excellent adult day care.

androgynous tantric anal masturbation

If you use your consciousness properly you don’t need a sex change operation because everything is all there. Done correctly anal masturbation engages the entire human organism: body, mind and soul.

tantric anal masturbation

What is the Definition of Tantric Anal Masturbation?

Esoteric kriyas & asanas incorporating visualization of Shiva/Shakti union for sexual-emotional wholeness & perfection. Is tantric vaginal masturbation possible? Yes of course. The whole concept of tantric masturbation is fluid. Sometimes it just means turning your passion loose and beating off out in an out of the ordinary position. I like to vibrate my legs up in the air. If another person is there I like to sit on them like this girl. This woman has a highly developed consciousness.

tantric vaginal masturbation sitting on man

Tantric means esoteric. Tantric anal masturbation means esoteric masturbation which is highly evolved. My personal tantric masturbation invokes Shiva/Shakti union to bring out my divine feminine. When I fuck myself I am female and male. I don’t need a sex change operation to be a woman. I wouldn’t want to be a biological woman. Tantric anal masturbation is extremely engaging and it unifies my male and female sexuality. I am complete.

tantric anal masturbation

Degree In Sexology

While Dr. Allen was in Australia getting his masters degree in sexology I was in Manhattan Beach, California learning kundalini yoga. The masters degree in sexology is group masturbation. Professional homosexuals call this a circle jerk. Although I have never been to a circle jerk, if I did I know that I would be at the center of attention. My wild beating off would make me the rock star of masturbation at a circle jerk.

male group masturbation

The reason that I have never gone to a group jerk-off is because I am afraid it will ruin my highly evolved full body anal-nipple-leg masturbation style. I have heard all about group masturbation but I think if I went it would destroy my ability to fantasize about being there. During my tantric anal masturbation I sometimes imagine that Dr. Allen is there. Sometimes I fantasize that I am in Australia getting my personal degree in sexology and saving $10,000 by masturbating at home.

man anally masturbating kissing man

Dr. Allen’s Training Technique

During my tantric anal masturbation training Dr. Allen would instruct: “Hold your seed, hold your seed.” He would also say “Open up, open up” and “Dance tantrika, dance.” I made up a song where I hear Dr. Allen singing: Open up, open up, hold your seed, hold your seed, and dance tantrika dance.

male tantric anal masturbation
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