NEUROPLASTICITY: Sexually restructure your brain through tantric masturbation

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Tantric Masturbation Neuroplasticity

The ability to sexually restructure your brain through tantric masturbation is called neuroplasticity. Therapeutic masturbation is an individualized transformative practice out here in the desert. Highly evolved masturbation neuroplasticity is a mindfulness practice. This means my attention is concentrated on my intention to merge my body into oneness with the universe. Intention is the bridge from my body to God’s body. The novel experience of sacred masturbation creates new neural networks in my brain. Visualization of the divine is key. When I make love with God I achieve my highest sexual potential. Awareness of sexual union with the divine brings passionate well-being.

The only time the brain creates new neural networks is during novel experiences or emotional experiences. I have learned how to drench myself in the hormones of neuroplasticity. I visualize my brain connecting the different parts of my body. Breathing is also important. All of the great sages will teach you that visualization is key. God only exists within your own consciousness or not at all. The grace of cosmic Christ consciousness is an individual heaven. My refined pansexual embodiment allows me to love into everyone and everything.


Masturbation is the Doctoral Thesis of Sexological Bodywork

Dr. Joseph Kramer is one of the leading authorities and teachers of modern sexuality. Dr. Kramer teaches that tantric masturbation is the key to understanding one’s own sexuality. Tantric masturbation practice is the healing modality that finally cleared my soul. Masturbation actually healed my relationship with women and men.

By visualizing such inner workshops as: all women as perfect, I am a top and a bottom, people love me, over long tantric masturbation sessions I have changed the entrenched patterns of my brain. I have self-healed myself with tantric masturbation visualization. Some psychiatrists call this a fantasy bond. If it works, if it heals, then it is good. Regular practice over time expands and strengthens connections between neurons and creates new neurons. The more I practice and ingrain this, the more ingrained neural pathways become.