Declaration of Alvin Sherron In Support of TRO Against Dean McAdams


Re: Herriot v. McAdams
Riverside Superior Court Case No. PSC 1606 342

Dear Mr. Sherron:

In order to understand exactly what your client’s problem is there are important court forms which Plaintiff has failed to serve upon Defendant in this litigation. Can you please provide Defendant with a copy of the substitution of tax attorney Alvin Sherron for criminal attorney Marcus Bastida of Parker Stanbury referenced in paragraph 2 on page 2 of your attached Declaration of Alvin B. Sherron in Support of Plaintiff’s Ex Parte Application for a Temporary Restraining Order Enjoining Defendant Dean McAdams and Order to Show Cause Re Temporary Restraining Order:

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Why has tax attorney Alvin Sherron filed Plaintiff’s complaint in Riverside Superior Court? As a tax lawyer wouldn’t Mr. Sherron be more comfortable litigating in U.S. District Court?  If tax attorney Alvin Sherron is going to totally ignore the California Code of Civil Procedure why not just push it to the limit and make up your own rules in federal court?

Neither Mr. Bastida nor anyone at Parker Stanbury have responded to my correspondence regarding these jurisdictional issues. At what point can Defendant Dean McAdams expect to see any competent legal analysis or application of statutory authority? There is also the unresolved issue concerning your client’s commercial human trafficking Tax Code or Health and Safety Code compliance. When Defendant receives copies of Plaintiff’s tax documents for the past five years there may be additional statutory compliance issues. Please be advised that Defendant may appear ex parte to request early discovery in this litigation.    

In the interest of truth and justice, wouldn’t it just be easier for Plaintiff to sign a declaration that there is no Charles Kenyon restraining order against Defendant?  Your TRO indicates that Plaintiff is afraid of being financially, socially and psychologically destroyed by Defendant. Has your client ever considered that his misrepresentations may be causing harm to Defendant? Due to John Herriot’s fear mongering, little old ladies in Defendant’s neighborhood are now living in unjustified fear and anxiety.  The lies of John Herriot have created a mean spirited attitude in Palm Springs creating a zeitgeist of fear and distrust which permeates every aspect of existence in this war torn desert. When I see desperate Syrian refugees fleeing their tormentors on CNN, I think of John Herriot and say to myself: “With friends like John Herriot, who needs fascist dictators?”  

Defendant Dean McAdams
Settlement Offer to Plaintiff John Herriot

Take back your lies restricting Defendant’s liberty and unring your bell of maliciousness.  Tell the truth in order to release yourself from the private hell that you have created with your deception. Denounce the lies of Kenyon, Calvert and Boehle which caused Rich Dalwigk and Paul Schneiderman to treat Defendant very wrongly. What goes around comes around, how does it feel?.


John Herriot you are a blight upon the entire community. Now you are trying to spread further lies, fear and hatred in Defendant’s neighborhood. Hiding behind Tax Attorney Alvin Sherron and abusive legal pleadings will only further destroy you.  Just say you are sorry and apologize about the non-existent restraining order, so Defendant can go on to write about something else instead of transmuting his sexual energy into destroying you and your kind. 

Has Defendant given Plaintiff enough rope yet, or does Plaintiff also require a shovel to dig his hole even deeper?

Dean McAdams
Investigative Blogger

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By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.