Teach Your Children Well

Teach Peace

I left my peaceful home in the desert to become a white robed kundalini practitioner. My intention was to teach yoga, but my plans were derailed by various forms of Sikh violence. None of the violence I experienced was physical but with the Sikhs and kundalini yoga, anything is possible.

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This week Sikh violence erupted in Indiana. The Kundalini yoga teachers in Los Angeles are all ordained members of the Sikh religion. The purpose of this article is to teach peace to Adarsh Kaur and the Kundalini yoga teachers at Yoga West on Robertson Boulevard. What kind of violent children are the Sikh’s raising?

teach peace

Teach Peace at Yoga West

There is very little “yoga” or “union” at Yoga West. What there is in abundance at Yoga West are dagger carrying Sikhs. I noticed that the Sikhs did not appear to be very friendly when I first rolled up on Yoga West in October 2017. There is a red turbaned Sikh living in an old stone masons van parked on Pickford and Robertson near the Sikh Temple, and Sikh Dharma is located further south on Robertson. The Sikhs dominate Robertson Boulevard between Pico and Airdrome.

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Further Sikh Violence

Will Sikh violence spread? It is unknown how far the current wave of Sikh violence will spread at this time. The question is what do the Sikh’s really want? I have tried to get the Adarsh Kaur to put her claims in writing for me but she has failed to do so as of this publication date. I could be taking Kundalini yoga classes with Libby Dya Kaur Lydecker right now, but instead I am writing this blog warning of the defective yoga products sold at Yoga West.

Fuel to My Fire

The good news is that my disappointment with the Sikh religion is further fueling my political transformation. It seems as though it is my calling to warn the American people of the dangers of an armed and dangerous religion that encourages brawling. My anger at Yoga West is motivating me to write three or four blogs a day. I came to Yoga West to learn about kundalini yoga and instead I am learning a lot about myself.

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By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean overeducated himself beyond his social station to end up a retired paralegal in the coastal paradise of West L.A.