SPIRITUALLY TREATING ALCOHOLISM: Recognizing My Emotional Over Dependencies

I Was a Teenage Emotion Vampire

Recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction is recovery from emotional illness. Applying the spiritual principles in the 12 x 12 has enabled me to become aware of my own emotionally disordered and eccentric thinking.

Studying the 12 x 12 taught me how to recognize that I either emotionally dominate people or become too emotionally dependent upon them. I was a teenage emotion vampire who became an adult emotion vampire. By recognizing my unhealthy emotional dependencies on other people I was able to recover from my need for unnecessary external emotional validation from them. 


Hollywood Vampire Prep is the where all the privileged young vampires go to school. You can’t shoot a high powered automatic weapon down Hollywood Boulevard without hitting a few dozen as they mill about during recess, they’re just everywhere! Growing up in the San Fernando Valley right next door to Hollywood gave me an advantage in the teenage emotion vampire social hierarchy because it gave me a chance to hang out with the right bunch of bloodsucking little punk rockers. 


Recovery From Alcoholism is Recovery From Emotionalism

Alcoholism and emotionalism can be thought of as the same thing. Alcoholism, emotionalism and aberrated homosexuality are all the same thing. From now on I will be using the term aberrated homosexuality more often in my discourses on teenage gay social life, branding and lifestyles. Aberrated homosexuality (fetish, water sports), situational homosexualty (prison), normal teenage homosexuality and other sub-categories of men who have sex with men is one of my main areas of interest.

In my opinion popular homosexuality is marketed as a product the same way popular music and popular fashion is marketed and sold to young people. Of course people of all ages purchase, own or somehow enjoy pop culture. The purpose of this essay is to discuss the over-selling of lifestyle homosexuality to highly impressionable young people. Although I have always known I was bi or pansexual, five years ago I almost convinced myself that I was homosexual.

Gay life welcomed me with easy open arms. Women have always been more difficult for me than for other guys, say, my brother for example. There are other mitigating factors. My body is androgynous and even heterosexual men are attracted to me and will hit on me. One of the most sexually exciting girlfriends I ever had, pegged me right on when she said: “Dean, you just like sex so much you’ll do it with anyone.”